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After contacting the developer with proof of purchase from the Mac App Store, they gave me a Steam key, allowing me to activate the game on Steam.


No, it isn't possible. To activate a game on Steam that you purchased from a third party, two things need to happen: You must be provided with a CD key from the third-party retailer. It must be a game for which Steam accepts third-party CD keys. When you buy a game (or any other software) on the Mac App Store, you aren't provided with a CD key, since ...


It's a publishing company. From their website: Chillingo is a leading Independent Games Publisher and a division of Electronic Arts. The company publishes innovative games and software for various platforms. They don't develop games. Developers come to them and make various arrangements for their games to be published/distributed. It works in a ...


Chillingo is simply a publisher for games on the App Store. Developers submit their apps to Chillingo so they can publish it instead of having to do it themselves. Chillingo handles the marketing and other things like that, so the developers don't need to worry about it. Also, Chillingo games are generally very popular, so a Chillingo published game will ...


Short answer to original question is 'Yes.' When you purchase through the Mac Games Store, keys are provided. These keys work on Steam. I just tried it.


I was just about to ask the same question. I haven't bought any game on Steam. But from my experience with the App Store and iTunes Store, they often have discounts on big events and public holidays (Christmas, Labour Day, etc). IMHO, SteamPlay titles sometimes cost more. yes, you get both Mac & PC version. But in my case, I only play in one platform at ...


The price of an app in the Mac App Store is set by the publisher. Aspyr is charging so much for their ports because, presumably, they believe people are willing to pay those prices.

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