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Boxer.app, a popular DOSBOX wrapper for Macs, has recommendations for preferred sound systems in the help file. They are (in order from best to worst) Gravis Ultrasound / Max. Not many games offer it, but it's the best choice when they do. General MIDI (MPU-401). Better music. Can be paired with Sound Blaster 16 for digital audio. Roland MT-32. Predecessor ...


Audio quality is somewhat subjective, although it's my opinion that the Roland MT-32 produced superior music quality. You can compare them with a number of videos on YouTube, here's one for Space Quest 3: Sound Blaster: Roland MT-32: The Roland audio is a bit better quality, has reverb ...


On my PC, I found that for this particular game - Maddog Williams - Sound Blaster sounded better. Roland played a constant high tone behind the music.

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