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Yes, you can - in the Extended Cut free DLC which updates ("fixes") the endings, the required EMS readiness was lowered to 3100 from 4000 (SPOILERS - source - Extended Cut info) and it is certanly possible to achieve the 6100 military strength points required for best endings with 50% readiness penalty just by playing ME3 singleplayer without any multiplayer ...


Yes, you do not have to extract yourself, as long as someone else of the team does extract (so the mission should not fail). I know this, because I got a progress banner ("6/10 extractions") in the lower right of the screen after extraction, where I died. This banner is only showed when there is an advancement.


No, extraction does not count as a round. This is part of the reason why some people drop out during that phase. If they're just going for round gains there's no reason for them to spend the time in extraction.


The detonation causes a second effect that does extra damage, which is attributed to the person who did the first part of the combo. That second effect's damage output doesn't depend on the actual damage of either of the powers. The detonating attack will deal its damage first and then the combo will go off. As you already noted, the person who did the ...


ME3 Multiplayer Galactic Readiness Galaxy At War points / percentage increase mechanics per match / wave These options does not affect galactic readiness points Bronze or Silver or Gold or Platinum or Any Difficulty. Reaper or Cerberus or Geth or Collector or Random Enemy. When you quit a mission or get kicked out (90 seconds idle in a public match) of a ...


I just found this fix. Hope it helps and its better than being still needing to be online when loading game. Some routers have curfews on them limiting usage past... some time in the evening. So of corse my fav single player game that I have for basicly that purpose of playing offline now does not work. My online hours are teken up by online games. So... ...

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