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Using a power puts all other powers on a shared cooldown, but the recharge time is actually different depending on which power you use. Using your example, Biotic Charge is a mobility power and invokes a 6 second cooldown while Shockwave invokes a 12 second cooldown. You can check the exact values on an online power list or on the bottom-right of the ...


That seems to be working as intended. The Arrival DLC ends up with Shepard blowing up the Alpha Relay and sacrificing a Batarian colony in the process. At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, Anderson uses that as explanation for Shepard's incarceration. If Arrival isn't completed, then the Alliance's 103rd Marine Division is said to have carried out that ...


For ME1, everything in [Citadel: The Fan] should be checked (I think if you leave "Got him killed" unchecked though, it should be okay). Make sure [Citadel: Rita's Sister] is also checked. For ME2, uncheck [Illium: Conrad Verner], which you already have.

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