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According to this thread on BioWare's forums, reactivating Fortification will not cancel the melee damage bonus, so you could immediately reactivate the ability to gain both bonuses: The cooldown is 4 seconds. So here's the scenario. You deactivate Foritfication, wait the 4 seconds for cooldown and then reactivate, do you still have 16 ...


Sure, they stack. If for example you got a Human Adept with 1 point assigned to Singularity and nothing else, with no weapons, gear or modules equipped, you get a recharge time of Recharge Speed: 2.67s = 8(base value) / (1 + 2) Where 2 = +2 Weight Cooldown Bonus On the other hand, if you equip the gear and module you listed you get a recharge time of ...


Tali gets over it, and if Shepard romances neither Garrus nor Tali in Mass Effect 3, (and they're both alive), they hook up together.

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