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No, choosing Anderson doesn't prevent this. If you chose Anderson in Mass Effect 1, he steps down at the end of Mass Effect 2 because of all the bureaucracy and politics. Udina, who is experienced in those things, takes over as Earth's Councillor.


Scopes or any Concentration Mod, as Squadmates do not benefit from Accuracy Increase or Weight Reduction. Stabilizers--the ones that decrease weapon spread--however works well on them, as it doesn't affect their ability to aim just the spread of the weapon. Similarly, Power Magnifiers work well with them but Omniblades and Melee Modules don't effect them ...


My experience with the games have been on the PC, but, you need an EA/Origins account confirmably from first hand experience, on PC, to properly download and use DLC since it is authenticated through the Cerberus Network equivalent. I think you should, if the above answer wasn't the solution, getting an EA Account. I forget if it allows you to link it to ...


Unfortunately, no. The symbols are there to stay--they bug me too--but there is a way around it, in a manner of speaking. Instead of automatic upgrading squadmates who have ammunition skills, you can manually go through that tree and pick that when they have a certain type of ammunition (Disruptor, Armor piercing, Incindiery, Cryo) equipped, then all ...


One thing I haven't seen is people talking about charging and then using squad mates tech and biotic powers. Using charge and then spamming tech and biotic powers gives the vanguard a huge advantage because it prevents enemies from effectively attacking you when your most vulnerable right after a charge.

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