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I find using a soldier, with Concussive shot maxed Ammo power adapt upgrade Upgraded incendiary Upgraded incendiary can deal massive amounts of area damage, especially if you have 200% cooldown rate from lightweight weapons; even on insanity difficulty.


I kind of have to give you a spoiler if you want to know how to get the best ending, so unless you want to figure it out for yourself, don't read any further. Besides making sure that your EMS is at 3100, you HAVE to choose the Destroy ending, or you will not get the best ending. EMS = 3100 Choice = Destroy


I was addicted to the Black Widow. I played it twice so I could upgrade the Black Widow V to Black Widow X. It's just super insane. Using cyro ammo is the funniest part. One hit kills except headshots has an awesome "explosion" animation where the enemies literally breaks and shatters into small pieces. Then there is it's predecessor, the ultimate M98 ...

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