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Sure, they stack. If for example you got a Human Adept with 1 point assigned to Singularity and nothing else, with no weapons, gear or modules equipped, you get a recharge time of Recharge Speed: 2.67s = 8(base value) / (1 + 2) Where 2 = +2 Weight Cooldown Bonus On the other hand, if you equip the gear and module you listed you get a recharge time of ...


According to this comment in the MECoOp Reddit thread "Ammo power interference", there are two types of combo primers, "biotic" and "tech". Biotic and tech primers can both exist simultaneously on a target, but they can only be detonated one at a time by two different detonators, and the tech combo apparently always detonates before the biotic one: Ammo ...


According to this thread on BioWare's forums, reactivating Fortification will not cancel the melee damage bonus, so you could immediately reactivate the ability to gain both bonuses: The cooldown is 4 seconds. So here's the scenario. You deactivate Foritfication, wait the 4 seconds for cooldown and then reactivate, do you still have 16 ...


well if you saved queen in me1 and again in me3, she doesn't actually betray you. She should send workers to the crucible project later; you get a message about it in the terminal.

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