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TL;DR: Completing the single player game does not earn you the Unwavering achievement by itself, as you only have to complete half of the required missions in order to complete the game. I believe you are referring to the Unwavering achievement, for either completing all multiplayer missions with a gold rating, or completing all single player missions on ...


I guess there's no online users because ME3 was released on March 6, 2012. I doubt anyone will still play this game, although it was one of the best games I've ever played. I'm sure most of the fans will be waiting for ME:Andromeda which takes place long after the events of the first three Mass Effect games, in the Andromeda Galaxy.


You need to own the Mass Effect 3 Deluxe Edition. It can be purchased here or, if you already own the base game, you can upgrade to the duluxe edition here.


You have to own the collectors edition, but if you want it buying it new is the only way as the code will have been used otherwise. I have the hoodie IRL but when I buy the collectors edition for collectors purpose as I have the other two. I may buy it new for this.

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