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Yes, you can - in the Extended Cut free DLC which updates ("fixes") the endings, the required EMS readiness was lowered to 3100 from 4000 (SPOILERS - source - Extended Cut info) and it is certanly possible to achieve the 6100 military strength points required for best endings with 50% readiness penalty just by playing ME3 singleplayer without any multiplayer ...


There are no weapon unlocks for Mass Effect 3, that was misinformation. All you can earn for Mass Effect 3 are War Assets for completing Infiltrator and points toward your Galactic Readiness rating by uploading Cerberus intel. Source: Video interview with Mass Effect Infiltrator design director Jarrad Trudgen. Relevant information at 3:04.


You can earn Cerberus Escapees (the war asset from playing Mass Effect: Infiltrator) three times: For finishing the game (once) For getting gold on all Main Story checkpoints For getting gold on all Turian Story checkpoints Each is worth 40 TMS in war assets, for a total of 120 TMS.1 It will show on all ME3 save games linked to your Origin account.


Other posts seem to indicate that readiness delays at a rate of 3% per day. My own experiences roughly confirm this. This means that if you don't play multiplayer for a day, you will need to collect another 12 intel in the iOS game (4 intel per 1% readiness) simply to get yourself back in the position you were in prior to taking the day off. Since it will ...


Completing Mass Effect: Infiltrator increases your Military Strength by 40. There are no other benefits from playing ME:I that are reflected in Mass Effect 3. Source: GameFaqs


The difference from New Game+ is exactly as you mention, that you keep your upgrades. This makes a run through on New Game+ easier.


Intel is a one-time shot. Upload it once to raise your Galactic Readiness, which will decay over time. Four intels raise the Readiness by 1%, and the Readiness will decay 3%/day before leveling off at 50%.1 You should wait to upload until you're about to finish the game. Galactic Readiness is the same (concurrent) across all games and apps tied to your EA ...


There are three permanent Galactic Readiness bonuses. One for finishing the game (once), one for getting gold on all Main Story checkpoints, and one for getting gold on all Turian Story checkpoints. You can fill all your State of readiness with the ME:I. Source.


Upload it straight away... This is because if you play a multiplayer game, only 1 game is needed, the readiness doesnt drain for that day, i also think the same applies if 2 Intels are imported from MEI as this would equal 1% and aslong as you gain readiness in a day it won't degrade. I would personally play multiplayer to nullify the degradation as it is ...

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