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Metal Gear Solid is notorious for being tricky to follow. Probably the easiest approach is to go in order, MGS1-4. Some events in MGS1 call back to the MSX games, but MGS1 can also be read as attempting to remake those games. MGS3 is somewhat disconnected from the rest of the narrative, so it's not necessary to play it after the previous two games. ...


Metal Gear would absolutley destroy the foundation of war as we know it. It's, as stated, a Bipedal nuclear weapons system. This would create all kinds of issues as it would give it's controller the ability to launch a nuclear weapons attack from anywhere on the world. In addition, it's mobility completly takes the 'range of the missile' out of the equation ...


The Metal Gear Solid series is a sequel to the old MSX/NES Metal Gear series (Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake). In Metal Gear Solid (Metal Gear Solid:The Twin Snake), they give you a detailed, retconned synopsis of what happened in the original two games. Also, if you have the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Xbox 360 or PS3, they include the ...


Through various sources I have compiled the following bio stats, where they have got the stats from I'm unsure however: Solid Snake was 178cm in 1999. This was cited from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - User's Manual, Konami Corporation (1990). Interestingly he is also stated as 182cm from 2005-2014. This is cited from The Mk.II displays this information ...


According to the game it's so they can launch nuclear missiles from anywhere on the planet. The idea being that a bi-pedal tank could go anywhere. Of course it doesn't really make much sense, and there's a funny conversation in MGS3 where the character SIGINT explains exactly that, pointing out what a stupid idea it is. It's all part of the fun of MGS! :)


After recusing Sunny he worked with EVA and her Paradise Lost Army however was captured by the Patriots where they experimented on him, while he was recused but the damage to his body was to severe so Dr Madmar made him into the Cyborg Ninja we see him as in MGS4, maybe also because of Raiden becoming more fascinated with Japaneses culture after using the HF ...


From the 'Blade Weapons' wikia page: [...] was used by Solid Snake during Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection in 2014 [...] So it first appears in MGS4, however... Upon recruiting Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, the stun knife can also be procured. So it's available in both MGS4 and Portable Ops Plus

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