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If you have a copy of Windows XP lying around, you can simply copy the "C:\Program Files\Windows NT\pinball" folder in its entirety to anywhere on your Windows 7 machine and run pinball.exe. No compatibility mode needed. This is very easy if you have Windows XP Mode installed. I just tested this on my Windows 7 x64 machine and it works great. Don't bother ...


Here are the instructions to install the game and everything. This links directly to the game itself that is inside the above link, most probably you can handle installing it and figuring out how to open the game yourself without having a step by step with pictures.


Well, for what it's worth... I've not tried it or anything, and really don't plan to, but there it is. One of those "at your own risk" deals.


There are total of 17 different missions, each with different objectives, and only available to specific rank: Cadet Launch Training (top): Pass the Launch Ramp 3 times. Re-entry Training (middle): Pass the Re-entry Lanes 3 times. Target Practice (bottom): Hit the Attack Bumpers 8 times. Science Mission (all): Hit 9 Drop Targets. Ensign & Lieutenant ...


Background on this game. It was originally a part of a collection published by Maxis, of SimCity fame. Full Tilt! Pinball (Wikipedia) included three tables, one of them made it to Windows ME and XP Games packs. As for missions, here is what I can recall: Launch: Lower left elevated ramp. Attack bumpers: ball hits against upper bumpers, and other targets ...

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