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Your friend can see you because all OP players have vanish.see permission by default, so you need to negate it. I recognized that you use PermissionsEX reading the link that you have provided, so you could add your friend to a group that negates this permission or you could add it specifically for him. To only for him: /pex user YourFriendNick add ...


MAKE sure you do it like this groups: aUser: options: prefix: '[prefixuwant]' permissions: - allmy.permissions NOT like this groups: aUser: '[thisISdaprefix]': options: prefix: add also make sure essentials + essentails chat are both installed and running also your plugins: its NOT (used these fine with pex ...


You can't really sort potions as they are unstackable items. But if you are saying to organise them, you can, but it will require a lot of stuff. Check this link:

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