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try using the command /kill @e in a command blcok and then power it i kills every mob but you respawn to get a command block use the /give command


Use this: worlds: myworld: permissions: - mypermission.permission You can even set prefixes. worlds: myworld: options: prefix: "NOOB" permissions: - mypermission.permission


To bring all the comments together into an answer: First, but less important, Issue: From aytimothy: Also, do you have a default group? My note: Default groups are what every person who is not specifically assigned to a group will be put in. If you don't have this, and you didn't move anyone into groups, this can cause issues Second, but more ...


This answers which plugin is better, not which performs better -- you'll see why: The winner: AsyncWorldEdit The Why: ASW is easier to use than SafeEdit, since it uses the Worledit API and such the same commands, where as SE uses it's own commands. This results in the plugin being able to be put in your folder & forgotten about, since you don't ...


Just do /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ bedrock. You don't need a command block for that, and you don't need world edit.


Right, so it can start the server. It may be generating files in "%appdata%\.minecraft" or in your Java folder, or, because the two files are in different places, it may be unable to make any files at all. It seems simple, but search your hard drive for a EULA.txt, this could return a few agreements from other applications, but it's worth a look.

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