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Just discovered it isn't, since it modifies tags such as @e on attributes, just by having it installed.


I find this file completely USELESS. Actually, download and install the GroupManager plugin, put it in your plugins folder, and run your server. Then stop it. Next, open the GroupManager folder- it'll be in your plugins folder. You can actually do this in-game, but I'll guide you through the folder first. Okay, so go into your plugins folder and open the ...


Use the Invulnerable tag. Spawn the Entity with the extra tag {Invulnerable:1}. Another choice is the resistance potion effect: /effect <Target> minecraft:resistance 1000000 255 true


In vanilla minecraft it is possible to have multiple commands run by having only one command block powered, but you have to at some point during the execution to split each command into their own command block/command block minecart. This is the basic concept of One-CommandBlock creations. The idea is to summon falling sand entities riding each other to ...


Whether you'll need to switch server depends on what mods you want to use. Mods are developed for certain "delivery means" - either they plug in to Bukkit, Forge, or other mod manager, or they are supposed to be installed manually. Manual installation means that you open minecraft_server.jar as a ZIP archive, take mod's files and replace similar files ...


Ok, the best I found is a pluggin called Cleanroom, easy to use with just a command like the /mv create NAME normal + world options (layers) http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/cleanroomgenerator/ The last detail to solve is making the slimes get out of the world, but it's a start :)

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