The Technic Pack is a user-curated grouping of some of the best singleplayer mods for Minecraft, put into a single pack and tested for compatibility issues. Technic and its multiplayer sister mod, Tekkit, can both be obtained at http://www.technicpack.net/. Technic adds numerous features to Minecraft, including:

  • Industrial machines and electricity systems, from IndustrialCraft2, Redpower 2, and Buildcraft
  • Automated logistics and pipes for mining, added by Buildcraft
  • Magic and arcana, from the Thaumcraft series of mods
  • Creation and linking of new "ages" to your original overworld, via the MystCraft mod
  • Alchemy and transmutation of matter, using the Equivalent Exchange 2 mod
  • Increased performance and tweakability of the Minecraft engine
  • Numerous new mobs from Mo' Creatures

There are many other features; for more details, check out the website. Technic installs using its own launcher, and thus can be used side-by-side with a regular vanilla Minecraft install without overwriting or destroying any existing worlds.

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