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Once you dig out all the sand, it will never respawn. You are guaranteed to have at least 100 sand tiles on a map (any map having less is rejected and regenerated). Here are the minimum amounts of tiles for each level: Overworld: Rock: 100 Sand: 100 Grass: 100 Tree: 100 Stairs Down: 2 Stairs Up: 2 (As determined by the Sky) Cave level -1: Rock: 100 ...


From the Minicraft wiki page on flowers Flowers can only be placed on grass. Each produces a tile that appears to be two flowers. They have no known use. Except one...they are very pretty


No. Since Minicraft was created within 48 hours, only the most essential crafting (tools and weapons) recipes have been implemented. Maybe in the announced successor they will have uses.


Seeing how there is no way to drop items on the ground, I would assume they are just there to store items you don't need. For example, when you get a stone pickaxe, your wooden pickaxe would become obsolete. To help clear out your inventory a bit and make browsing the items you need easier, you could place the wooden pickaxe inside a chest.


From this forum: There are stairs going up and down scattered throughout the world. Access to stairs going up require pickaxes made of ore that can only be found underground. Be sure to bring a lantern.

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