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Planets and moons are "on rails". You can not affect them or their orbits with the physics engine. However, you can change their orbits with the mod Hyperedit. You can also use this to put two planets on a collision course, but the result won't be what you would expect. The game engine is not designed to handle planetary collisions. The planets will just ...


As you've said you can also teleport to a known Kethane location, you could use HyperEdit's Ship Lander feature to land at a known Kethane location. First, put your ship/base into orbit (otherwise, it will break up on landing). You can also use HyperEdit's Orbit Editor to do that: Press Alt+H, then click on "Orbit Editor" and enter 100000 as altitude, then ...


As @SaintWacko said you just need to update where NMM thinks your installation of Skyrim is at and then it should continue to work like normal. If the auto-scan does not pick up the game then you should be able to enter it in manually.


Minecraft automatically installs to C:Users\Username\AppData\Roaming on Windows. If you cannot find Roaming, try going to Control Panel-Folder Options-View and then select "Show hidden files and folders." Also, certain modpacks will install to different directories.


Scott Manley tried to move Gilly in one of his videos. He said "no" in the first 30 seconds and then spent the rest of the video showing what it would require if it were possible.


The error in the Minecraft crash report: 'NoClassDefFoundError', means that Minecraft is looking to use/create an Object (based off a 'template' of sorts, known as a 'class' in programming) that it can't find. Specifically, Minecraft cannot find 'IContainerTooltipHandler'*, under the codechicken folder. You can see this in the line here: (relevant points ...


It looks like something is wrong with your Biome generation. In specific, Biomes O' Plenty stuffed something up. Try creating a world without the Biomes O' Plenty mod. Ways to solve: Try re-installing the Biomes O' Plenty Mod with a newer/compatible version. Don't use the Biomes O' Plenty Mod. Look for conflicting mods. (So far, I don't see one, suspect ...


Yes. In Papyrus, the player is (usually) represented as just another Actor, and Actor objects have a HasSpell method you can call on them, passing the form of the spell in question. This will return true or false depending on whether or not the actor knows the spell represented by the supplied form.

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