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Alright, first you need to pick a starting location. Go here: www.uesp.net choose a location there, and copy the code to the location. This'll be your starting area. Eg, Valthume. Good alternate start as an adventurer who wandered in there for treasure. Now open Skyrim.ini (NOT SKYRIMPREFS!!!), this is usually here - C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My ...


There's a (free) mod called Live Another Life which gives you a number of starting options - one of which is to start as a bandit. This sounds like it'll be exactly what you are looking for. From the mod's readme: Outlaw in the Wilds You will begin as a member of a group of bandits. For the sake of variety, the group of bandits will be chosen at ...


Planets and moons are "on rails". You can not affect them or their orbits with the physics engine. However, you can change their orbits with the mod Hyperedit. You can also use this to put two planets on a collision course, but the result won't be what you would expect. The game engine is not designed to handle planetary collisions. The planets will just ...


"Getting started" there are 4 basic energy generators you can use. Generator Water Mill Windmill Solar Panel By far, the best one to "get started" with is the basic Generator. It only requires coal to run, and if you find a tree, you can start a tree farm, turn the wood into charcoal, and burn that. The next best option would be the watermills. Sure, ...


Scott Manley tried to move Gilly in one of his videos. He said "no" in the first 30 seconds and then spent the rest of the video showing what it would require if it were possible.


I always start with a generator on its own connected to a macerator and furnace. You'd be surprised how little power you need, probably a stack of coal is enough to get you through the early game, and it is very common in caves so it is fairly easy to get a large amount. My advice would then be to set up a nuclear reactor as fast as you can. As dangerous as ...


The Archimedes Ship mod's layout is only for boats and hot air balloons. Hot Air Balloons can be made with all the materials of a ship but require a balloon (a wool with 1 string under it). Here is the wiki for full mod details.


Mod Organizer and Wrye Bash will both display missing and present Masters for mods. If you don't want to make the switch to MO (though I'd recommend it) and you don't need a bashed patch, it would still be worthwhile to download Wrye to just run every now and then to check dependencies.


If your server is connected to your steam collection they should download all of the addons onto the server and all of its players. For .gma files you'll need to convert them into a folder. That's what I used since most of the time my Collection worked. Try re-setting your Steam APIKey here and updating your startup file accordingly.


Minecraft automatically installs to C:Users\Username\AppData\Roaming on Windows. If you cannot find Roaming, try going to Control Panel-Folder Options-View and then select "Show hidden files and folders." Also, certain modpacks will install to different directories.

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