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Sorry for the necro, I just found a great little way to do this. First, rename fose-loader.exe to Fallout3Beta.exe Then rename Fallout3.exe to Fallout3ng.exe It seems that if the launcher cannot find Fallout3.exe it looks for Fallout3Beta.exe, and if fose-loader.exe can't find Fallout3.exe, it looks for Fallout3ng.exe


It depends heavily on the game. For instance, Invisible, Inc uses a system to detect modifications to the game code and will disable achievements. There are workarounds for bypassing the mod achievement disable, but it's not trivial to do. On the other hand, many games do not care if you use mods for achievements. Fallout: New Vegas is in this category. ...


You have "Hide extensions for known file types" turned on, and JAR files are registered with some program (likely either java or 7z). That means that the 1.8.1 file you see is in fact 1.8.1.jar, but Windows just hides the .jar part. Knowing this, you can right-click the file and select Open With > 7zip (or any other zipping program) even though the ...


PROBLEM SOLVED: After hours upon hours of research. It seems I was left with the last resort, re-installing windows/restoring backups. As I braced myself for the tedious process, I decided to actually try messing with the registry. Everything I could find on that subject was either extremely complicated, advice warning against any modifications, use a ...

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