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You can open the player inventory and you will find a button in the bottom right-hand corner that alternates the mode of the NEI, and you want "Recipe Mode" the others are "Cheat Mode" and "Usage Mode". Alternately while hovering over the item you want you can press either "R" to show the recipe or "U" to show the usage.


The answer is going to undoubtedly be "yes" simply because they're different products. But that's not a useful answer -- the better answer is whether or not the differences matter. Unfortunately, without knowing what you consider "important," it's impossible to give a full answer. My recommendation is to give TSM 2.0 a shot and see how you like it. I used ...


After some thinking I solved the problem: I opened the config file from Ars Magica and changed the value of "I:ItemIDRangeStart" on the section "items" for some other value, (I used 19744) and then deleted the list of IDs on the same section. By testing, I confirmed that I was able to craft the moonstone as it should be, I even placed the block on the world ...


Try going into FullScreen mode with F11 or going into Options-Video Settings-Fullscreen, then going back into windowed.


You need the core mod for Tinkers Construct, I believe its called Mantel.


Download OptiFine 1.7.2_HD_U_D3 (fixed compatibility with Railcraft and IC2, compatible with Forge #1147): Download, mirror (07.07.2014) Download the above link as you can see it is a fixed version of optifine takne from the Minecraft Forum


For the mod NEI (NeverEnoughItems), your configuration file can be found here: %AppData%/Roaming/.minecraft/config/NEI.cfg or more familiarily: C:/Users/[Your username]/Roaming/.minecraft/config/NEI.cfg As for adding a lock on cheatmode, simply change this line in the configuration file: cheatmode=0 Line 22 - Deactivate Cheatmode lockmode=1 ...


Unfortunately as you say, better grass/foliage mods don't work well with shaders. That leaves you with little option but to use the vanilla fancy graphics setting. In terms of graphics settings, you would want: Graphics: Fancy Render distance: Normal/Far/Extreme Smooth Lighting: Maximum Particles: Maximum Anisotropic filtering: On Advanced OpenGL: On if ...


Mantis Pheromones are controversial and interesting, while amplifying one of the better strategies of the game (The 4 man teleport with Mantis ship), some users find it useless even with this strategy so you can simply pawn it off for some free scrap, which is always lovely In answer to your question: Pawning the augment for scrap should have no effect on ...

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