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The DSfix 2.4 works only with the steamworks version of Dark Souls, which at the moment is only available as beta. Right click on Dark Souls in your library and go to properties, then go to Betas tab and select to opt in the steam version. Also, make sure you disable in-game anti-aliasing, as dsfix provides a better version of AA and is incompatible with ...


My earlier assumption that the dynamo was not running out of lava was apparently incorrect. Usually the dynamo pulled it's lava from the pump, but sometimes, the dynamo seemed to stop powering the pump (despite having a completely full energy reserve) until it got more lava. Which it wasn't going to get from an unpowered pump... The solution? A simple ...


If you're using mods and you've tried the normal troubleshooting (restarting your system, checking network settings, etc) I recommend backing up your data and reinstalling a vanilla Minecraft launcher. Then add back your mods one at a time. If a mod is causing the problem (I'm seeing some correlation in your question) then you'll be able to systematically ...


It is possible that the problem is with the chunks loading and unloading or its just that the dynamo is running out of lava. Try placing a spot loader on the dynamo! The pump only loads the area where its pupming and the chunk that the pump is placed in! Also check if the pump and the dynamo are on a chunk boundry and the pump just isnt loading the dynamo.


If you open the chat before you die by pressing the command button (By default /), you can enter commands while dead. This means knowing when you'll die and pressing /, the entering the command properly.


Assuming you are in single player, exiting to the menu, setting the difficulty to peaceful and reloading the world should remove all hostile mobs. You can then change the difficulty back immediately and continue as you were.


Try downloading MCEdit and opening up your world. You should see the mobs represented as red boxes around your bed; highlight them by clicking and dragging a selection around them, and then press Delete Entities. This doesn't remove actual players, but it will affect any items/xp on the ground, so be careful.


Yes you can have more than one mod active in a game, however not all mods work well together. I suggest you do more research as this is done very frequently and it is rather easy to learn the specifics.


Sildur's Shaders for intel 1.03 will work perfectly.


The overhaul mod Requiem as well as the Skyrim Redone module 'Encounter zones' do the exact thing you are looking for.


SEUS doesn't run correctly on Intel HD Graphics because that GPU and its drivers do not support the shaders features that SEUS uses. That's SEUS the mod, not any one shader packā€”the mod is simply incompatible with your graphics system and switching packs won't help. There is currently no fix from Intel for this. There will be no fix from SEUS for this ...


That folder isn't required for the mod to run. It contains the source code for some of the plugins that B9 uses, specifically Kine Tech Animation, ResGen, and Virgin Kalactic. Many plugin developers release the source code for their plugin along with the actual plugin, usually under an open source license like LGPL. If another mod maker wants to use such ...


In the very early game, I use sugarcane. Put it into a compressor, then into a canning machine, then into an extractor, and you get biofuel.


Not a total answer but I recommend using Optifine, which improves fps and adds an option for zoom. To change or see the zoom button: Open Minecraft. Go to 'Options' Go to 'Controls' Click the button next to the word 'zoom' Press the key you want to be your zoom button Press 'done' You can also enable pre-release version tick in profile editor in ...

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