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I rebooted and it fixed the problem. I had recently changed DPI & resolution settings and something wasn't sticking.


Note that I'm the author of this question So I just reinstalled my Windows 8.1. I wanted to try CS:GO on Linux, if the same thing happens there, but my dual-boot was broken and the result - Missing operating system... So I installed Windows 8.1 back and downloaded Steam and CS:GO, nothing more. Now CS:GO runs permanently on ~60-70 FPS while playing, ...


Go into your graphics settings and disable vsync, Vsync usualy limits a game to either 30 or 60fps depending on machine performance to reduce screen tearing. This should also increase your fps alot


Which settings are the 'perfect' settings is impossible to answer, because each person has their own preferences, however there are some settings to attempt on your own to achieve "perfection." These are my current settings, and they've worked pretty well for me. I currently own a Razer Deathadder 2013, at default settings. This is the In game menu in ...

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