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You probably don't hit his hitbox. This can be caused by you (not hitting hitbox) or your internet (lag). If bleeds when you hit him on your pc and not on server (lag) or when you shoot his model, but not his hitbox. Image courtesy Blankooie.


A few things: Did you friend publish the world to LAN? He can do that via the /publish command Don't connect through the server list. Just go into your Multiplayer tab and scroll down. You should see his world there. Do you have different mods? Make sure your mods that you have currently installed are the exact same. Make sure that you are playing on the ...


I had this error before when trying to play with my friend. Try this method: Assuming that you have a computer running Windows: 1: Press Windows Key + R to open the run dialogue 2: Type in "cmd" to open up the command prompt 3: In the cmd, type "ipconfig" 4: This should bring up a list of addresses. The address you want is the IPv4 address 5: Lastly, ...

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