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The common ground i saw/heard from a lot of streamers is to split up streaming and playing to different PCs and give the gaming pc priority in your router. The game uses a low amount of data but needs fast replies for your ping so priority there. The streaming processes large amount of data but considering you have a buffer the speed of the data coming ...


Strongly depends on what you wana play ... If its CS:GO you only needvalid steam accounts and valid copies of the game, be friends on steam and go MM with freinds. If its 1.6 (or source) you can get it working the usual way (Find Server -> Lan) if it doesn't work you might get it to work with "connect" In the console. We used to do the same ...


Rent a (online) server, as you'll likely not be allowed to host any kind of server within your university network anyway. Also you'll get something that's easier to setup than what you're trying to do right now.


I'd personally doubt it*. As far as I can understand, Open NAT 1 status on a ps4 means you're using a Public IP address (as in not within any of the 3 private IP ranges) and the PS4 can connect seamlessly with some unspecified sony servers (I say unspecified as sony themselves don't specify exactly what you need to be able to connect to and I've never ...

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