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A quick look at your user manual says you already have the composite ports there. You just need to use the green component for video and the red/white for audio. So no need to buy anything


We had this issue when trying to stream old consoles on Twitch because our capture card only works for HDMI. We found that this composite to HDMI upconverter from Amazon worked well (after trying out several that did not). It comes with all the cables that you need, though it requires power to convert from native composite output to HDMI, so you will need ...


A quick google search composite to vga returns plenty of options for you,£125 to £13 THere's always this but i think it's gona be pricey for you.


First, open the cartridge using the appropriate screwdriver tool (it's an odd one). Check the cartridge for burnt out circuit lanes or dark discoloration on the ROM chip legs or body. If you see such discoloration, it is likely that one oft he chips took a jolt by either wrongfully inserting the cartridge into an already running machine or by resetting (yes, ...


Get a PAL(European) console! The PAL console is specially designed for European Plugs and also support the PAL TV Format, it has many of the same games as it's US and Canadian counterpart.


ANSWER: Sorry I know this is old and I'm not sure if anyone gave a definitive answer. So here it is. I had this problem with my copy of smash a while back and was very frustrated with replacing the battery several times. I had deduced that the problem must be in the chip on the circuit board that controls game saving and thought the chip was game specific, ...

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