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I replaced the RF modulator and RF switch with a cheap aftermarket composite video/stereo audio cable. Plugged it into the RCA composite video/stero audio jacks on the back of the TV and everything works like a charm. I guess the TV was not able to de-modulate the signal properly before, or perhaps the modulator or switch was damaged.


Star Fox 64 3D for Nintendo 3DS has been released since this question was asked. It's worth noting that you can suspend your game in Star Fox 64 3D. There is also a Score Attack mode that lets you replay individual stages. As for the original Nintendo 64 version, you can't save the game until after completing it. This can usually take from 25 minutes to an ...


It may be not the direct solution for your problem, but there is this company in japan with great products for video capture, one of them is the XCAPTURE-1 you can get almost any input, and send to almost any output (recording at the same time if you want to). It's the most recommended capture device on broadcasters community(that don't go inside a PC). ...


S-Video is long dead and buried so it's hard to find anything that supports it. As far as new equipment goes you're options are very limited. The only brand name device that can convert S-Video to HDMI you might be able to find new at retail is a 2013 Yamaha RX-A1030 (RX-V1075) AV receiver, but that's probably way outside your budget. I can say though that ...

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