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First, you need to play your game and see if it's working. If you find: Exclamation Marks, which represents missing meshes. That your game is bugged out. Nothing in the game that is part of the mod. When you load a save, it firsts tells you content isn't available before continuing. If you find any of these things, then you haven't installed the mod ...


As far as within the game; nothing. The Amulet of Kings given to you at various points along the main quest line is just a 'regular' amulet with a script that checks if the player is trying to equip it. There are even ways to obtain versions of the amulet that lack the script that the player can equip. Lore-wise; The Amulet of Kings is just an amulet that ...


According to the wiki, the amulet only slips off someones neck. That is kind of weird, because I thought anything effective can happen to you, but it just slips off your neck. I understand now.


That's usually a sign of graphical error. I suggest verifying that your download has no errors.


After investigating the issue further, I have found that the game sometimes incorrectly detects your graphics card and sets everything to absolute minimum. The core of the problem lies in the fact that there are actually two places from which you can change graphical settings in Oblivion - from in-game options and from launcher. Regardless of how the game ...

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