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When trying to run Minecraft on OS X systems, the launcher tries to use Java 6 for Mac by default. This is because Apple used to ship their own version of Java (SE 6) with the operating system (mainly for security reasons). In recent versions of OS X, however, Java is no longer included, hence the error message you're seeing. There are two ways to solve ...


It's a little old, but for anybody searching for a solution, I got a pretty decent one: Logitech's Control Center is the one doing it! Remove it from your settings / uninstall it. I discovered this after doing a clean install and playing Minecraft for the first time. To configure which button does what you can use the free and much more advanced software ...


~/Library/Application Support/minecraft The problem is that the Library folder isn't visible in Finder by default. Just google "how to make library visible mac lion." EDIT: Thanks to nitro.de, you don't have to make the library folder visible, just open it via terminal open ~/Library/Application\ Support/


Check to make sure the folder structure isn't: RPN/RPN/assets/... instead of RPN/assets/... Note: RPN stands for Resource Pack Name. When zipping on a mac, select the assets folder and pack.mcmeta to compress, not the folder containing those files Also check to make sure your resource packs contain a pack.mcmeta file


There are multiple ways you could play Minecraft in retina resolution. OptiFine (Fullscreen only) Using OptiFine you could play Minecraft in retina resolution by going to Options..., Video Settings..., Other... and set Fullscreen Mode: default to Fullscreen Mode: (Resolution of screen). This should be achieved by pressing the button once. Now set ...


It doesn't make a difference if they are Zipped or not. When you open the Zipped/unzipped folder you should see another folder named aspects. If you don't see that I think I found you're problem... You Just move the Folder that contains the aspects folder to your resourcepacks folder.


While the connector mechanically fits, they are both outputs. You will need what's called a grabber card, since the PS3 and the Gamecube has different outputs you'll need either two or a very advanced one. The Gamecube doesn't support HD resolutions anyway so composite (the yellow/white/red connectors) will do just fine with a cheap video grabber. These can ...

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