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Press the K key, not the key listed on the wiki.


According to this FAQ about the Mac version of Modern Warfare 3: Do Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Mac feature multiplayer? What about cross-platform multiplayer? Cross-platform multiplayer, which allows Mac players to play with/against Windows PC players, is available for competitive multiplayer mode only at ...


I guess you can use ctrl-c inside of minecraft to copy/paste something; and when you want to copy/paste from minecraft to mac osx, use ctrl-c inside of minecraft and Cmd-v outside of minecraft in mac osx.


If you are using the Steam version and 1.3, click the cloud icon on the bottomleft of the player/world card, then go to the other computer and you can access it.


This problem has actually been acknowledged by Blizzard, but no fix has been released yet. They suggested some steps (such as making sure permissions on your save folder are set to full access), but I see that you're on a Mac so that doesn't really apply here. Unfortunately this problem came with the release of Legacy of the Void and for whatever reason is ...


Use the same commands you use outside Minecraft to copy/paste on a Mac: Paste: ⌘ Command+V Copy: ⌘ Command+C Cut: ⌘ Command+X Select all: ⌘ Command+A Select part of text per symbol: Shift+<-- or Shift+--> (In the direction you want to select the text) Select part of text per word: Ctrl+Shift+<-- or Ctrl+Shift+--> (In the direction you want to select ...


For 1.8 and above, use Cmd + C to copy, and Cmd + V to paste, just like the rest of the operating system. To select all text, use Ctrl + A For below 1.8, use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste inside Minecraft. To copy and paste outside, use Cmd + C and Cmd + V. If you want to copy outside of Minecraft to inside, use Cmd + C outside then Ctrl + V ...

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