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Alright, so I've found the folder, my problem is now that texture packs placed in the correct folder don't appear ingame to be selected. Thanks to RavenM for suggesting to simply make a folder. That worked beautifully.


In minecraft 1.5 and before, the folder was for texturepacks was texturepacks. Now, in 1.6 and above, it is called resourcepacks. Therefore the folder is now resourcepacks. See the minecraft wiki page on texturepacks here and the page for resourcepacks here.


If you're asking if you can play Windows Only games on your Mac then your only option is to use Bootcamp to install Windows on your Mac and then boot your Mac into Windows instead of OSX. If you choose this, you can still have OSX too. You would hold the option button on startup and and it would ask you if you would like to boot Windows or OSX. Googling ...


How to find your games and files on Mac is: Click on desktop. Click on Go which is the 5th button in on your left. Go the the 2nd last command which is Go To Folder... Click on it and enter this command /Users/Aplemel/Library/Application Support Find the Steam Folder and click on it. Go into Common Apps. Redownload it. Search Steam for any bugs or wrong ...


When reinstalling, have you tried to remove your whole .minecraft folder? If you don't know what .minecraft folder is, or where it is located at, then I recommend you remove it, it's located at C:\Users\Janjakob\AppData\Roaming and save your saves file on your desktop from the .minecraft folder, now try reinstalling minecraft using the minecraft.msi ...


Starting the game (Hotline Miami JPN Update OSX) in Original instead of Updated Mode, selectable in the start screen, has fixed the problem.

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