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Update for you all, the mac build is now on steam. I fired it up last night.


or do it efficiently: 1: open minecraft launcher without clicking play 2: click either "new profile" or "edit profile" 3: click the version: selcection box and scroll down untill you see "release 1.1" 4: once done repeat those steps but scroll up and click the option you used before 5: if you unchecked a box and cant find the version you were using ...


Remember, {guy with longest message}, the guys don't have windows ALTERNATIVE FOR MAC: Open your browser (Safari) Type to browser: ip.yegon.sk (Find a "Vaša IP"(underneath is you IP)) 9-2. Find in a Google: How to find IP in Mac (OS-X) - -


If all you want is to avoid it backing up your games you can tell Time Machine Backup (TMB) to exclude the SteamApps folder. You can also move the folder without breaking Steam by using a Symbolic Link like others have mentioned but since Steam has a feature to install games elsewhere already I recommend doing that. If you've already installed the game(s) ...


If the map says 1.1 is suggested you might have to switch to 1.1. Youtubers often put jumpcuts in their videos to not make them boring. So no, you can't press a key to switch version but I can tell you how. Follow the instructions of the link to change to 1.1. (I doubt going back to the earliest version with LAN will work) Now you will have to make a ...

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