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uninstall video drivers completely then re-install drivers, update windows, download nvidia center


In my experience there are two ways to check wether or not you're stressing out your PC. 1 the one you said, so checking if the game runs smoothly. If this is not the case, that means your graphic card is having difficulties keeping up with the game. Lowering the settings then is vital for a good gaming experience. 2 Keep track of your processes. Use ...


Your PC (depending on a variety of things) will normally be able to achieve a higher amount of frames per second. Based on some research the XB1 and the PS4 both have a locked FPS of 60. Your PC may be able to do much higher, unless you have a monitor that is locked to 60Hz. This will only allow it to do 60 FPS. Monitors with a higher refresh rate will ...

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