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My GTX 750TI runs SBK2001 on Windows 7 ultimate/64 bit(in Windows98/Windows Me compatibility mode) with 13-20 FPS. Changed with an (alot weaker) Sapphire Radeon HD5450(just testing) and same SBK2001 on same conditions runs perfect. My guess is that the issues is compatibility between GPU driver and directx.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VGA_connector#Cable_quality says The same VGA cable can be used with a variety of supported VGA resolutions, ranging from 640×350px @70 Hz (24 MHz of signal bandwidth) to 1280×1024px (SXGA) @85 Hz (160 MHz) and up to 2048×1536px (QXGA) @85 Hz (388 MHz) so your cable and monitor are likely to support high frame/refresh ...


shadows and reflections are calculated on cpu, because ray tracing is often done on cpu and hon says that they do it on cpu. anything using the shaders, post process, lights are done on gpu. your pc may be hitting the 95 degres limit and slowing itself down. you can use a power plan which limits the cpu use, you can try going to power settings and setting ...

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