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FPS in CS:GO are very realated to your CORE. IF its about hardware i would check GPU and your i5. In your case if in past everything was fine its hard to see as a soft problems. You can try to make format and new system if you need make new cs go config to polish your fps. Making video settings to low would also help and resolution but as i said on start if ...


To a degree both are involved, the CPU is responsible for keeping track of what polygons should be rendered where, and with what texture. It also directs the GPU so that it may perform its part of the rendering The GPU is responsible for rendering those polygons on screen and filling them with the textures


I found out how: In Steam, go to Steam menu -> Settings, then in the In-Home Streaming settings, press the "Advanced Host Options" button, and a window will appear. You can then select the number of threads used for software encoding. This option wasn't there around the time I posted the question.. it seems like it was added recently.

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