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The "Settings" option in the Pro Evolution Soccer launcher will show you more information on how you're failing the minimum system requirements check; Click on the "Specifications" tab and you will see a colour coded screen highlighting where the problem is; You will need to fix these problems before you can play. Since you've mentioned you're using an ...


Either your laptop only has an Intel Graphics card and you can't play this game. Or it uses Optimus technology, in which case you should read this article: http://ucdavistechtalk.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/how-to-switch-between-intel-graphics-and-nvidia-with-optimus/


According to a few different forum posts I found the only way to do this is to play Master League online until you unlock a bonus called '3rd Pocket' to use in Become A Legend or Master League offline mode. The amount of matches this takes seems to vary a lot meaning it probably is a random reward.

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