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In real pinball machines, players would bump and tilt the table to tweak the trajectory of the ball to their liking. This is known as "nudging". While a little nudging can add skill and depth, too much breaks the game and needs to be guarded against. This is dealt with using sensors that kill the current ball if the table is tilted or smacked too much. ...


It's for if the ball gets stuck, i.e. perfectly balanced behind a bumper or wedged behind something. The real equivalent would be physically hitting the table.


In real pinball, once you've played the game a significant number of times, you'll start to identify certain areas in the game that are trouble spots where you are likely to lose a ball. Usually these are oriented around the two outlanes on the side, particularly whether a given ball is going to end up going down the outlane and not the inlane. Each game has ...

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