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Implants drop randomly. Just play the game and you will receive tier 1 implants and chargers. Also you can craft from low tier implants higher tier implants.


In terms of mechanics, the only differences between Nanite Mesh Generator (NMG) and Adrenaline Shield are the passive charge rate and the instant charge from kills. A maximum rank NMG will fully recharge from empty in 45 seconds, while all ranks of Adrenaline Shield require 60 seconds to recharge from empty. This means that if you gain 20% charge on kill ...


To apply on-time-use camo you have to use the 'customize' screen, rather then the camo arrow selector. Your camo may be vehicle, armor, or weapon camo. I found that I had vehicle camo.


Overall the Adrenaline Shield is more useful as better you are and/or the situation is for killing enemies successively. You're usually not able to be under fire and able to maintain your shield by killing enemies because of the low TTK (time to kill) of Planetside 2. It requires a more aggressive mindeset and if you play defensivly Adrenaline Shield is not ...


Implants drops are based on XP events, are random and higher awared XP have a higher chance for an implant drop. Fact is: the current drop tuning is designed to allow average players (by raw, non-boosted xp gain, across all characters) to be able to maintain even tier 3 implants with drops alone. Check it out for yourself. The loot system is more ...


For understanding the differences between the shields I'd strongly advise watching the Wrel's video on the comparison of heavy assault shields: This also covers usage cases and precise ...

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