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Explanation In the entity list, there is a linked_portal_door for this purpose; it is used in the Death Trap (in map sp_a4_finale2.bsp): This entity is designed to link two separate, distant areas together without any clear transition between the two. This entity is exclusive to Portal 2. It is used in Chapter 9, in the Chamber 75 Death Trap with ...


No, unfortunately, he never comes back to look for you (I tried waiting). It's not like there's anything down there that'd actually kill you within an hour anyway, and there doesn't appear to be anything in the script to the effect of him traveling back and calling for you, after that line. Still, rather unfortunate.


It appears to be a quote from the first paragraph of Moby Dick (thanks to Billare for figuring that out): […], and methodically knocking people's hats off — then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. The full passage in Moby Dick:


The drawings on the walls were done by the Rat Man (real name Doug Rattmann), a schizophrenic former employee of Aperture Science. He was convinced GLaDOS would continue to try to kill Aperture employees if switched on, and so took precautions when GLaDOS was 'fixed' and reactivated, thereby surviving GlaDOS flooding the Enrichment Centre with a deadly ...


Merus' answer is great for covering the reason for the writing (and especially for the third image). I want to clarify what some of the equations are in the second image. From left, the first equation (starting with t, and including the equation below it starting with gamma) is referencing Time Dilation (Special relativity). The equation above that is ...


The wall past the emancipation grid (once you've gone through the door) will accept portals. Put one in there, get the cube and let the door close, and portal through.


GLaDOS closes the door and the wall. Then she fills the room with a deadly neurotoxin and you die. Here's a video showing that scene:


GLaDOS is refering to Caroline. Here's why I think so: In the previous verse of "want you gone", GLaDOS mentions that Caroline is "in here too". This implies that Caroline is a part of GLaDOS, but not GLaDOS herself. Right before the ending song(s), GLaDOS says that she now knows where Caroline is in her brain. This is immediately followed by Aperture ...


It's an aria in Italian. However, even being an Italian myself, I'm having a very hard time transcribing it. Words I'm unsure about are in italic Cara, bel, cara mia, Dear, beautiful, my dear, bella bambina, beautiful girl, oh Chell, oh Chell, que lastima, what a shame, que lastima, what a shame, deh! Cara mia, well, My dear, addio. farewell. ...


Use GCFScape and open up the Portal 2 content file, found at \steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\pak01_dir.vpk (for some reason it's unlike TF2 and HL2 which use .gcf's) There will be a directory structure visible in the program, browse to \root\sound\vo\ and go nuts with probably close to 1000 audio files in a couple folders: \root \sound \vo \...


All the facts can be found in the subtitles file at \steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\resource\subtitles_english.txt (or _czech, _danish...). Open it up and search for bits of what you remember, e.g. "dental". See this answer if you want to know how to extract the sound files. Rats cannot throw up. Honey does not spoil. The billionth digit of Pi is 9. ...


That does make sense in The Part Where He Kills You, but they had to put that in because the room was moving. There was one in chapter 4 when you escape from Glados light bridge experiment. I wanna say it's test chamber 22. Anyway, once the lights turn off, you are in a different and similar room. It doesn't make too much sense to duplicate the room cause ...


Here are the screenshots of the rooms you see on the elevator ride up to the surface at the end of Portal 2. Apologies beforehand as some of the screenshots are a little fuzzy, but the descriptions should help clarify any details that may be unclear. A row of four turrets initially targeting the player who then go on to sing Two turrets singing Four ...


From the Steam FAQ: Resetting Achievements Unfortunately, achievements can not be reset at this time.


When you place it on the button, put it as far towards the upper ledge (down and to the right in the picture) as possible. Place portals on either side of the door (GLaDOS lampshades how there isn't an emancipation field as you note), then go back and grab it. Crouch and get as close as possible; it may take some repositioning. It awards an achievement ...


At the moment it is not really possible choose the robot. The player that hosts the game is automatically assigned Atlas, the friend that joins the game has P-Body instead.


This means an error in the Steam download. Verify the game integrity (Right-click Portal 2, Properties, Local Files, Verify integrity of game cache) and it should re-download the corrupt files.


They have official names now: Atlas and P-Body. References:


They're drawings/"instructions" by the "Rat-man", left for Chell when she wakes up. The full comic is available at


Players wake up as Chell, in Portal 1. The game is quite short, however, and there is not much in the way of character progression. Prior to these events, there is not much, in the way of back story. Chell wakes up inside of a Relaxation Vault, inside the Aperture Science laboratory. She is informed that she is a test subject. Using the Portal Gun and the ...


Right, I've hit the achievement, and here's the info: I've now counted 16 monitors in Chapter 8, but you can ignore the first 5, so you need to break all the monitors from the one found in the test chamber numbered 1/19, up to the start of Chapter 9. Instruction for breaking each monitor: Chamber 1 Chamber 2 Chamber 3 Chamber 4 Chamber 5 (has ...


As it sounds like you're aware, you cannot be logged in to Steam in two separate locations at the same time (unless one or both are in offline mode, and thus unable to play online). But, as badp notes, another question talks about a hack for single-PC splitscreen. Edit: Suprisingly, it looks like you can play with Steam offline over a LAN: Go to "C:\...


Chapter 1 - The Courtesy Call sp_a1_intro1 - Relaxation Vault sp_a1_intro2 - Original 1 sp_a1_intro3 - Original 2 sp_a1_intro4 - Original 3 and 4 sp_a1_intro5 - Original 5 sp_a1_intro6 - Original 6 sp_a1_intro7 - Original 7 sp_a1_wakeup - GLaDOS sp_a2_intro - Original 19 Chapter 2 - The Cold Boot sp_a2_laser_intro - GLaDOS 1 sp_a2_laser_stairs - GLaDOS ...


Here is another interpretation which looks quite correct to me, it really feels like a song... Italian: Cara bella, cara mia bella! Mia bambina, o ciel! [pun: Chell = It. "Ciel" = Sky"] Ché la stimo... Ché la stimo. O cara mia, addio! La mia bambina cara, perché non passi lontana? Sì, lontana da Scïenza, [personified] cara, cara mia ...


From Singer: Ellen McLain as the character GLaDOS in the Valve video game Portal 2 More info on Ellen McLain.


I have reloaded this save so many times and in many times Wheatley was on my head for good 3~5 seconds while I was mashing the E button... but they disable it so he always falls :( It's kinda funny to hear all the lines that Wheatley says after he falls and if you leave him alone without picking him up :) You can also roll him around the floor while ...

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