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According to the timeline on Half Life's Wikia, Portal takes place around 2010. However, I could not find a reference to an exact date. Going by the same sources, and this question, Portal 2 takes place hundreds of years after Portal. Again, I could not find a reference to an exact date. Note that there is no official source of an exact date. Looking at ...


"But if chell is the first one to be tested, where do these bodies come from?" Actually, Chell is most likely not the first to be tested. In Lab Rat, we see Doug place Chell at the top of the list, but that simply means that the next subject GLaDOS tests will be Chell. While not impossible, it is very unlikely that GLaDOS didn't test other subjects before ...


Any other things you might think of. There are other reasons for playing Portal 1 before 2 that are not really detailed in the other answers. Portal 1 is a very short game - short enough to even consider starting & finishing Portal 1 in the same day before making a start on Portal 2 The majority of Portal 1 is arguably a tutorial (made of numerous ...


Salt: Aperture Science is located in a re-purposed Michigan salt mine. Asbestos: "All these testing spheres are made out of asbestos. Keeps out the rats." - Cave Johnson Curtains: Aperture Science started out as Aperture Fixtures, a company that made shower curtains for all branches of the military except the navy.


In Portal Stories, A test subject named Mel and another core defeat a security system (not GLaDOS) that was When they defeat it the computer says there were three intelligents in the lab - one of them was GLaDOS. Mel and the Core gave Her a spotting chance to recover. And that was what woke up Chell.


The other answers haven't completely addressed these two points, which I'll do here: Cave Johnson says that the repulsion gel does not interact well with the human skeleton, but Chell gets covered in it and appears to be fine. Cave Johnson is a funny guy, he uses lots of euphemisms that show his callous disregard for human safety in his experiments. Here's ...

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