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No, angle of penetration matters in both games. The only online article we could find covering this suggests that the angle matters in Portal 2, but did not in Portal 1, but after doing science, we can clearly demonstrate that the article's wrong - entry angle matters in both games. Since you asked for undeniable proof, the following videos show you this ...


GladOS explains in Portal 2 that testing gives the AI an euphoric feeling. So at least the robots do testing as an end to its own. The humans were actually trying to do science and develop products (or something...)


Any other things you might think of. There are other reasons for playing Portal 1 before 2 that are not really detailed in the other answers. Portal 1 is a very short game - short enough to even consider starting & finishing Portal 1 in the same day before making a start on Portal 2 The majority of Portal 1 is arguably a tutorial (made of numerous ...

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