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There is indeed a way to save your loyal Companion Cube. You merely need to take advantage of two deficiencies in Aperture Science's Test Chambers. One flaw in Test Chamber 16 lets you push a Weighted Storage Cube through the Material Emancipation Grill and take it up in the elevator to Test Chamber 17. In that chamber, another defect allows you to use the ...


Subtitles generally display only what is spoken by a character. They are intended for players who are able to hear, but prefer to have the dialogue of the game displayed. Closed captions provide a way for those who may not be able to hear the game sounds at all to fully enjoy the game. They include dialogue, sound cues (such as "machinery starting up"), and ...


No, I'm afraid not. There's no way to take the companion cube outside this testing chamber, as the door will not open until you've dropped it in the incinerator. Any stories you may hear about methods of circumventing this process are merely the fictions of devious minds, designed solely for the purpose of instilling false hope. It'll be better for everyone ...


As pointed out in the question, During the final battle with GLaDOS, Finally according to the answer to this Arqade question: All this implies that the cake does actually exist. However it remains unclear whether GLaDOS ever really intended to reward Chell with cake for completing the trials.


You need to think with Portals! Look up in the direction you are heading to the fire; you can spawn a portal on the wall up there, one to your right, and teleport out of danger. After that, keep trying to reach the party to get your promised cake!


When you perform a fling, or when you're falling from the ceiling to the floor repeatedly to get the Terminal Velocity achievement, do you notice yourself being pulled toward the center of the portal you're falling into? That's funneling: the phenomenon of being drawn toward a portal even though you may be a slight distance away from its center, such that ...


According to the ASCII art it's "GLADOS" Check this page. Look at the second post, click Show and scroll down to GLADOS you'll see the same ASCII art there in reference to that name. EDIT: In case that page goes away here it is "GLADOS1" "[12.000] #+ @ # # M#@ " "GLADOS2" "[12.000] . .X X.%##@;# # +@#######X. @#% " "...


Her voice is highly processed using formant shifting and manipulation of artifacting to get it to kind of slide up and down but still be robotic, demonstrated in the excellent video linked by Tom. If you know any music production techniques or programs, you could get a similar effect by using the Mac's built in speech ...


The graffiti was written by: Meaning of the graffiti:


GameFAQs has a script with all the lines from Portal "There really was a cake" is indeed in the script, GlaDOS says it when defeated.


Steps inside the elevator don't count. If you run and jump out of the elevator, it only uses 1 step (if you don't move forward when you land). Falling from one portal into the other is very useful and uses no steps. With forward momentum and perfect portal shooting, you can chain a series of portals so that you jump into one on the floor, come out of the ...


Clue: Look down, near the water Full answer on how to do the room: How to do it quickly ("traditional" way of doing a speed run, without jamming doors with cameras or using glitches):


Both Black Mesa and Aperture Science are trying to develop portal technology, they are basically competitors. Aperture Science develops the portal gun on the Borealis (a research ship, just one of the many places). But the ship disappears. Gordon finds the location of Borealis in HL2 and also finds out that their portal tech is far superior to Black Mesa's....


The point of this test is teaching you that the two portals are functionally equivalent: you are not going to always enter the blue portal and leave the orange portal. This time, you instead need to enter the orange portal and leave the blue portal by placing the blue portal by the door.


Based on where you are standing in that screenshot, there should be an orange portal already in place to your right. You can only shoot blue portals so how would you get a portal on the other side so you can use the one that you can already reach? Just shoot a blue portal to the other side and walk through the orange portal that is nearby.


You should try to escape from the room with the fire without dying. The cake is... later.


Closed captions refers to subtitles for every sound (even falling objects and onomatopoeias), while subtitles refers to spoken words only.


This type of scene is called a "stinger". In this case, the use of the stinger is to demonstrate that GLaDOS is definitely The fact that a cake happens to be nearby is just a joke.


Black Mesa and Aperture Science were competing science research facilities in the same universe. They were rivals, and continually tried to out-do each other. Aperture ended up falling apart (probably because of the death of its CEO, Cave Johnson), whereas a Black Mesa experiment caused an apocalyptic resonance cascade, throwing the world into the turmoil ...


Ha! I did it by cheating: finding an existing sound mod for Portal and examining it :D. Here's how, for posterity: Apparently, the Source engine does not look for sounds in the directory. It looks for script files instead. Those script files define where to look for stuff. So I did the following: Opened the main Portal GCF (that's portal content.gcf) ...


Finish the first level. Return to the main menu. Start over in developer commentary mode. You should now be able to finish the entire game with developer commentary on. (You are however giving up on achievements.)


There are console commands, if cheats mode is enabled: sv_cheats 1 thirdperson This should work in both games. I believe you have to re-enter these every level, as you'll spawn in first person mode. However, this will probably disable your ability to get Steam achievements for the games, so that's probably not the best idea. ModDB lists this mod for ...


The portal-conductive surfaces are generally concrete slabs (for the majority of Portal) or white panels (for the majority of Portal 2). They are easily identified by their more pale colour, whereas the darker, more metallic, tin or wooden surfaces are not portal-conductive. There's not a canon-explanation for what makes a particular surface conductive, it'...


Mechanically, Portal has almost nothing that isn't in Portal 2. 2 was built upon the success of 1, expanding the story and gameplay. Where 1 takes about 1-2 hours to complete, the single player story in 2 has up to 10 hours of gameplay on a single playthrough. In terms of design, 2 didn't deviate that much from 1, instead adding more of the same. The ...


In Valve games you are able to record demos that capture every tick of information, so players will record a full set of demos then put them into a program that counts the number of ticks. In Portal 2 (dunno about Portal) the tick rate is 60 Hz, so the time is ticks/60 (which is why any times you see down to the millisecond will be multiples of 1/60). ...


GLaDOS is a psychopathic monster, and always intends to kill you. If you don't At the end, you can see that she could have made good on her promises, even though there is no outcome in the game where she does. With regards to the cube, however (Portal 2 spoiler):


This goes along with Matthew's general tips, but I think it's key, as you can't use the portals for moving yourself all the time, but sometimes to move boxes/etc. If you aren't moving too fast (from too high) when you land vertically (e.g. after going up and down through portals on the floor), it will not count as a step if you remove a portal from under ...


If you shoot a portal above the flames, and a portal on a wall you can jump into, you will get onto the shelf above them. In my opinion, it is about this point that the fun really gets started... (Hint - this is not then end of the game, by a long way!)


Your tearing problem is most likely related to vsync being off. Your machine being fast shouldn't be a problem with Portal. With some games, you have to force vsync in the drivers, but Portal has a "wait for vsync" option in the video settings. Turn it on and see

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