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This seems to be for the ps vita.


Yes- but she can't play any PS4 games through remote play while you're playing one. If she's playing a downloaded or physical Vita game, there should be no conflict issues. I've actually tried this with the PS4 and Vita before, as I have my PS+ account on both systems, as well as my PS3.


No. You can not do what you are hoping to do. Only the PSN account on the PS3 that is also the PSN account signed into the Vita can send games to it. If you want to send games from the other PSN account you will need to wipe and reset the Vita to the other account first.


Yes, it is. First, follow the deactivation steps to deactivate the account (this is optional and can be done in a PC later on, but it's quicker to do it in the console). Then, go to Settings > Format > Reset the PS Vita System. After the system is reset and formatted, you can set up another account on it.


Currently I don't think this is possible. Sorry but as of now I don't think you can do that.


Unfortuantely this wont work. The PSP uses a AC adapter with a specialized tip for AC charging: Amazon listing for PSP charger adapter Amazon listing for AC adapter tips The PS vita uses a unique output port to the PSvita from a USB input: Amazon listing for PS vita charger cable Basically you would need a USB input that leads to a AC Tip output, which ...


In specific response to the details of your question there are two answers: 1) No. In that you would have to cancel your PSN+ membership, but cancelling the membership blocks you from the discount. If you renew your membership you may regain access to prior downloads, which would again block purchase since it is already "purchased". (I suppose there is a ...

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