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I developed my own method of coiling any cable with minimal effect on the cables integrity, this is from experience as in IT Technician. I used to leave a small loop of the wire at the start where it meets the controller inside this would stop any tugging on the plastic of the controller I then rapped it round the pad alternating between each of the ...


My guitar teacher taught me the best way to coil the cables for electric guitar and amplifier cables (any tear in the inner copper wiring can create artifacts in the sound) so i use it all the time now, on any type of cable. For starters I need to point out that any wire has a natural resting position, colied at a specific arc. That's because the materials ...


One of the best ways, and one which i personally use is to tie the wires with a bendable wire, the ones you get with your ear/headphones. They keep the wires in check and help reduce wear and tear of the same. Hope this helped!

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