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First I can tell you it is possible for you to install freemcboot on a memory card, with the noobie package as well if it is empty, from a different not broken ps2,just make sure to use the universal installer... also as this is a phat system if you have a network adapter for it ($7) or so online) and a computer with an open pata/ide port and a spare drive ...


Disk Read Errors are very common on older PS2s, especially the "fat" models. By the sounds of it, replacing the full optical block would probably be your best option for a guaranteed fix. There are many on eBay in the ~$20 range. In my opinion, this would be a much easier fix than diagnosing the laser/other components.


There is a way to without modding your ps2 you need to buy sharkport however the ps2 has to have been made before a certain date ( fat ps2 only ) it does cost $11 however.


If it is anything to you, in Gran Turismo, any prize money from a race remains consistent. If you get 1,500,000 the first time you will get it every time, assuming you finish in the same position. If you are getting 1,200,000 from a race that says you get 1,500,000 for that position it is most likely a typo of some kind. I can't say for certain being on ...

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