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Fundamentally, a gaming console is a computer and can generally be treated like a desktop computer. Like a desktop, leaving it running for an extended period of time can decrease its performance until you restart it, but I think most of the other answers here overstate how much of a difference it will make. If you leave you console on for a long time and it ...


About five years ago I was playing Spyro on PS1 and I accidentally forgot to turn it off before leaving for more than two weeks on a trip. When I got back, I found it still working, and I even finished some more levels without any problems. I don't even turn off my PC at all now, since I'm using it all the time. All modern tech, assuming you're not leaving ...


I've done it before and it will be OK as long as it's well ventilated you will be able to leave you're console on for a very long time. All i can say is, make sure your wires are well maintained and have no damage as these could cause sparks if faulty and that's the last thing you would want to happens while you're asleep.


The answer varies between system to system, and the setup of that console. The age of the console is probably another factor you'll want to account for, as components like the fan will probably become damaged/weaker over time. For example, I own a: Wii, xBox 360 and a xBox One. Sometimes, I would neglect to turn the Wii off, but it was okay, as it was well ...


Applies the same principle with all machines, they get hot and this can in the long run harm your system and reduce the its life span. It's better just to turn it off or at least in a suspend state to allow preserve the system.


If you have the remote controller for the PS2, there is a button specifically for that (REPEAT). I'm not sure if it is possible without the remote unfortunately. Maybe someone else can give a better answer.

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