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Did you try to connect the controller and PS3 with a mini USB cable? To make sure the controller still works as intended, did it work for your brother's device? If not, then the controller is likely to be faulty.


It's possible you may need to reset the PS3's video settings: Plug your PS3 into your TV Turn it on and keep your finger on the power button. It will beep when it turns on, and then beep once more whilst you're holding the PS3 (about 5 seconds after holding it). On that second beep, release the power button. This will make the PS3 re-set the video ...


This might be your TV's aspect ratio. My TV allows me to zoom into a picture in several different ways, in order to support older, non-HD resolutions. Check that your TV's aspect ratio is set to show the normal/original signal.


Most of the original PS3s suffer from the 'Yellow Light of Death' (YLOD) issue. You'll know if your console is suffering from the YLOD when: You power on the console. The console starts up normally for about 2-3 seconds, The console beeps 3 times while flashing a faint yellow light, The console continues to flash a red light. The YLOD is a 'Major ...


Well, no magic involved here. Try to avoid the obstacles when he pulls you, try to hit him with the harpoons at the same time, by aiming a little higher. When he seems to have disappeared and you auto switch to aiming mode, wait for the signal about his location and shoot as much as you can. Aim a little lower to be sure to hit him.


Basically two techniques are used. The first technique you probably know where you attack while the sprint button is held down. The biggest speed boost occurs when you attack while running down the hill. The second technique is when you hold the down button (or holding down on the stick) while jumping. You'll notice in the videos that the characters do a ...


I had this same problem. I finally found out that the problem was that I had the same SSID and WPA key for both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ on my router. I changed the SSID and WPA key on the 2.4GHZ and connected to that on my PS3 and it worked. I guess PS3 doesn't work with 5GHZ?

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