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It depends on the developer and publisher of the game. If the game employs the cross-buy system, a PS4 license should automatically be added to your account when it is released, if you purchased the digital version of the game on the PS3. This was the case with the recently released PS4 version of Journey, as well as with Flower, Spelunky HD, The Unfinished ...


It'll work. sure. At least, it should, especially since the traditional in-ear phone-pairing bluetooth always worked. Put your bluetooth device into Pairing mode, and go to the settings tab in the XMB menu and find bluetooth settings, and you should be able to pair from there. I think you can set it up to filter any audio through it too, if I'm not mistaken. ...


I got my maps back! I had to deactivate my old PS3 that is broken. Thank you for your help.


I'm sorry you cant no way of getting her back. Not unless you want to restart the game and re marry her. Or like the other people said in here you a spell but even then you dont get any money just a zombie wife. But I say marry ysolda(give her a mammoths tusk)she's useally found near the merchant stalls or sometimes in the drunken banner. Reason for this is ...

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