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Yes, so long as the HDD was originally formatted by the same PS3, it should boot up just fine and not ask you to format it. The way that the PS3s format their HDDs puts a unique identifier for that console on the HDD. So you can't take a hard drive out of one PS3 and place it in another, but you can apparently swap them in and out of a single PS3 with no ...


If your companion was a Dark Brotherhood Initiate, I'm afraid you're out of luck. According to the Dark Brotherhood Initiate discussion page on the UESP Wiki, along with some other forum threads, the Dark Brotherhood Initiates will often reset when dismissed, which resets the contents of their inventory. If you were on PC, you could get your items back by ...


Yes, as long as you set up your new PS3 with the same PSN account. All content you buy through the PSN store is bound to your account and can be re-downloaded from your download list, which can be accessed from the main menu under "Account Management" --> "Transaction Management" --> "Download List". You can only activate two PS3s to the same PSN account, ...


Another edge case where your definition of "DLC" may change the answer: episodic games like Walking Dead or Life Is Strange. In these games, you have to play through all episodes of the season to get platinum. If you consider episodes 2-5 to be DLC for episode 1, then this would be another case where you need DLC.


Yes, you can insert the old drive however you'll get some questions when inserting it. You DO want to use the hdd as the storage location You DON'T want to select to copy any data from the internal storage to the 'old' disk This should put you back to the state you left your PS3 before removing the original hdd. As sourced from this useful post.


In the on-screen keyboard, there should be a "..." button right below the space bar. Press that, then hit "Select" to start selecting the text you want to copy. Once you've finished selecting the text (using D-pad or thumbstick), press the X button to finish. Select "Copy" from the prompt that appears, and your text will now be copied. To paste text, use the ...


The email that you used to create the new account would have got a confirmation email to verify your account. If you didnt get it check your spam folder on your email account. If you still cant find it contact sony . (The email address has to be real or you cant verify your account)

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