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Provided you mean that you'll be buying another copy on the PS3, then yes, your existing save files/dlc will still work. :) edit Of course, I should note that you'll have to ensure that the new copy is from the same region as the original, as that may play a part also.


PlayStation and PlayStation 2 memory cards, along with the Memory Stick Duo cards used by the PSP, all use flash memory which is a form non-volatile memory that doesn't need power to maintain its state. So they won't lose their saves the same way your old GameBoy cartridges did because they don't have batteries that can go dead. However nothing lasts ...


No. The PS3 may support keyboards, but it does not offer any kind of recording feature. This means you'll have to rely on external devices doing the recording instead of your console. You'll need a PC equipped with a so-called video capture card to do it. You will also need to plug your PS3 to the capture card, and your PC to your TV or whatever screen you ...

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