A Japanese RPG released by EasyGameStation in 2007 which received greater Western visibility when Carpe Fulgur localized it in 2010. Your goal is to pay back a debt that your father accrued via running a shop which sells to your typical RPG adventurer. Capitalism, ho!

Recettear is the story of a little girl who misses her father, a fairy loanshark, and the item shop they operate so that the former can pay off her father's loan to the latter.

Recettear has two interdependent game modes: While running the item shop, Recette has to keep the store stocked, welcome customers, haggle over prices and fill orders in order to make money; while during dungeon crawls she has to sponsor intrepid adventurers to go and loot the various repeating and monster-filled dungeons the world has to offer, then take the loot back to her shop to sell.

Originally released in Japan by EasyGameStation, more recently localized to english by Carpe Fulgur, the game is available in various digital outlets.

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