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From this article: There's also a "full pixel" mode that liberates the PS3 version from the borders of the original game, giving the game much more real estate on-screen - boosted all the more by the move from the original's 4:3 aspect ratio to the full 16:9 widescreen experience. It also seems to eliminate overscan, giving the sharpest possible ...


Yes, it has to be a lizard with a shining white tail. The normal (black) lizards will have no effect on your stamina. In a similar manner, eating fruit from trees will increase health. Hunting lizards and fruit is a understandably a common pursuit in the game, see here for help if you're looking for it. The bow is recommended for both pastimes.


In order of appearance: Valus is roughly 70 feet (21M) tall. Quadratus is about 98 feet high, and 115 ft long from head to tail. Gaius is 97 feet tall. Phaedra is 98 feet tall, and about 90 feet long. Avion is 140 feet from beak to tail with a 130 foot wingspan. Barba is 80 feet tall. Hydrus is 280 feet long. Kuromori is 16 feet tall, and only 56 feet long. ...


You sure can! You can do so by finding a fruit tree! There are 33 of them in all, and if you find them all, your health bar will span the screen! Here's a map: Map source: http://teamico.wikia.com/wiki/Fruit_trees


While I don't have a direct answer to your question, I was able to find this comparison picture. I imagine that if you could somehow come by the game's art book, from which that picture is taken, you'd have it at a higher quality. Since I suspect your models won't be to scale, then a relative comparison might be sufficient in the stead of absolute ...


SotC and ICO's connection as well as timelines are left up to personal interpretation. The games' creator has gone on record saying he had no idea in mind as to how they both intertwine while creating them other than the fact they both take place in the same world. Most fans believe SotC is a prequel due to the ending which reveals a baby with a "certain ...


Shadow of the Colossus had two demo versions. I believe one was an early trade-show floor build, and hard to come by. The other, which is what you probably have, shipping on a demo disc from the Official Playstation Magazine (or some other publication of that era). I don't believe either version had a developer menu (I've never heard of one). Most of the ...


It's not in a forest, but in the large desert (for which you have to travel a long way around). I think this video should show you the way, if you don't mind watching it (just turn it off as soon as the colossus cutscene starts, to avoid spoilers).


I could be wrong, but I believe the open gate is just in the demo. The video you mention says that the version of the game that s/he is showing is the demo from the Official Playstation Magazine demo disk. In the normal game, you can reach the secret garden he mentions, but I don't know that you can open the gate to the Shrine of Worship.

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