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There are several strategies for getting your initial city started. I like to start with a medium-sized tile first that has a small tile adjacent to it. Locate all the dirty stuff (coal power plant, landfill) at the far side of the tile from where the neighboring small tile is. Start your city on the other side from that and adjacent to the small tile. ...


You can indeed specialize your cities such that each of them only contain one type of zoning, as long as your cities are connected at the borders with roads and other types of transport. It does, however, come at a penalty to commute time, as your residents have travel to the city border before entering the next city to work. It is important to note that ...


You can build the different zones in different cities as long as you have a good transport network in place along with the connections between the cities. Water pumps don't need to be near a river, they just need to be connected up the water pipe system, but keep them away from pollution as they will affect their effectiveness. Also I would suggest looking ...


I found that the buying city must not have any energy producers that have the boxed checked - sell power to region. Once all power producers in the buying city have that unchecked then the city started to import energy.

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