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Apparently there's nothing wrong with the water-supply and as comments to the question suggest, a city of this size should never require that many pumps and water-towers. So I'll try to answer this question myself and claim that it's a bug. I did some searches and as it seems I'm not the only one with this problem. Here's a forum post and here's another one ...


I have always found that in SimCity games (note: I haven't played on iOS, but your question implies this holds in that version) if you try to front-load the city to be immediately awesome (ie, build all the services up front) you will quickly descend in to unavoidable bankruptcy. This is because the best occupants to each zone generally won't appear without ...


Raise taxes on residential zones to 8%; More than that and Sims get too angry Enable a couple of money making ordinances like parking fines and legalized gambling If all else fails, cheat. Shake your phone and the game will prompt you to enter a cheat code. Enter the code "i am weak" to make construction free.


You have to work around it. Build something on top of the zones you want to change. Then demolish the buildings and re-zone. Slow and painful, but it will get you there eventually. You might have to cover quite a bit of ground before you get rid of the max RCI pop-up.

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