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If your city has lots of factories but you only have few skilled workers, don't expect to have high tech industries. But if your population and skilled workes are going through the roof then almost all factories will be tech 3. Processor factories eat lots of your skilled workers making high tech industries complain of not having enough skilled workers.


This is what I think after reading some stuff on the internet: Somewhere on that Reddit site I saw a developer talking about commuting... First of all the amount of workers, shoppers, kids, students is not the amount of residential/population. In the details map you'll see the numbers for workers, jobs and unemployed. For workers (guess same goes for ...


Extra regional resource capacity is evenly split between connected (by road) cities. Suppose there are 3 cities, all connected by road. 2 of them are each running a 200MW surplus, then the third city can buy 100MW from each surplus city, leaving 200 MW surplus unpurchasable. That's the way it works. Is there any sign showing the city was synced? No. ...


There is no specific patch note for that defect since CoT launch. http://help.ea.com/en/article/simcity-updates/ Additionally, there is a similar bug with high school buses where they carry students out of your city and return empty (the students depopulate over time).

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