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Recycling center opens at around 6am and end depending on your city's size(population) You will need garbage collection though. If you see the lots full(common for large cities) try and build a trade PORT, as they can hold much more of the resources(i.e, metals,plastic,etc)


You have to start by playing your previous city, with the region tool, then begin a new city.


@Toomai Those houses were all happy and ready to upgrade but they couldn't because actually there was not enough space... I figured it out: There are two different rectangules that can appear to mark the space a building will ocuppy, according with the road capacity - a light green one and a dark green one (this one is shown at the picture). I don't know if ...


One picky thing I've seen with density upgrades at times is that, if a building attempts to upgrade density, it can't do so if the building it tries to turn into would run over a neighbour that's not yet ready to upgrade. Look at the happiness map and see if the neighbours are also ready for an upgrade - if not, you have to wait for them.


Freight cannot be bought on the market. Freight can be transmitted via region by a street connected neighbor overproducing. The trucks from that city will automatically go directly to your Commercial buildings. Freight Warehouse is counter-productive because freight does not move between warehouse and Commercial buildings. However, you might be misled by ...

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