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There are 2 ways to get 10% better Prices from vendors of the Opposite Sex. Choose the "Allure" perk you can get with a Speech skill of 30. skyrim-dragonbornChoose the Ability "Lover's Insight" at the end of the Black Book: The Winds of Change. Otherwise all vendors should give identical prices.


That is from the mod Clean up your Corpses, you can disable or move it via the mod configuration menu, "CUYC" and the widget tab there.


I assume you're talking about this program Skyrim Character Manager V2 by SlipperyFish. From the discussion this seems to be an abandoned utility with a bunch of problems, not something that should be used. This (copied verbatim from the discussion) should allow you to uninstall it. All credits to sydlet: Okay. For everyone who can't get rid of this ...


Didn't really find a solution it. You're not the only one though. See this steam community thread I also found a reddit thread where someone stated that he managed to download both version and run them. Other suggested to try to download two instances of steam with both language and then run both games from there. I'd suggest you try to install two steam ...


Normally, you get experience everytime you summon something. The higher levels your spells are (e.g. a master spell), the more xp you will gain. BUT you're right, you need to be in a battle, in order to get the experience. I think when using novice spells you get only a small amount of xp, that you won't even notice on the experience bar. My tip: summon ...


No, specific Merchants do not pay more or less for certain items. All Merchant information can be found here!


Make sure you walk towards the sarcophagus that he's hiding in. It's possible to learn the Word and fight the dragon without ever being near the sarcophagus. To make him pop out, just make sure to revisit Shearpoint and walk right next to the sarcophagus.

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