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No, you can't. Bows have only a limited range. And even when they would not, you can't interact with any object which is not in the currently loaded grid cells (invisible sections of the world) around your player-character because the game doesn't calculate any game mechanics for them.


Yes you can. If you kill Grelod and then go talk to Aventus Aretino, the kid who sends you on the quest in Windhelm, he will say "I knew the Dark Borhterhood were good...but..". He will then proceed to give you the same reward as before, which is 100gp. The Brotherhood will contact you later. Info taken directly from the Skyrim Wiki and personal experience


It used to be possible to directly query your experience progress with this command (you can replace smithing with any of these things): player.getav SmithingSkillAdvance In principle, you could save, do a bunch of smithing, check your skill advancement, load, deactivate the guardian stone, do the same amount of smithing as before, check your advancement ...

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