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No it does not, the werewolf texture is fixed and does not change with your hair. See also: Every picture ever of werewolfs in skyrim (And the wiki I suppose, but that does not spell it out


From the UESP wiki bug section on this quest: If you capture Windhelm for the Imperials before triggering the graveyard scene, the witnesses and the corpse will still show up, but the guard may not, since the Windhelm guards have been replaced by Imperial Legion soldiers. This makes it impossible to start the quest. This issue has been addressed ...


Yep, being the mod author, I can confirm that my previous ver 5.0 files , more specifically any file with "Equip" in its name was the cause of these issues. It was due to the fact of a updated XPMSE which no longer supported "Equip for everyone" type of files. They have been removed and I have expanded capabilities, updated and released a new version: 6.0.

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