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Paraphrased from http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Darkness_Returns You need to sneak through the darkness, avoiding the light, and avoiding standing up.


I need to know how to recruit people to the blades (Also which ones are the best if any) To recruit someone into the blades: They need to be your current follower. If you currently have a follower that you don't wish to recruit, tell them that it's time to "Part Ways", and they will return to their home. Travel with your potential recruit to see ...


I had the exact same problem. To add onto what akselmo said, it is indeed Immersive First Person View which causes the trouble. The problem is that you failed one simple but crucial step before uninstalling - making sure you were not in first person view. The fix is simple: load up the save with IFPV then switch to third person view and save and quit, then ...


The game doesn't tell us who is right here, so we're stuck with the dilemma people face in real life: we have to make the best choice with the information we have. Ultimately, my decision is to side against the Alik'r (note that is not the same thing as siding with Saadia): they have been causing trouble in Whiterun, to the point of getting thrown out ...

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