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As @Ben stated this logic does not happen in this dungeon. It is a ruins however so there are places that look collapsed but they do not hinder your movement through the dungeon forward or backward, they are just decor. Utilize your map, you should be able to follow it back to where the golden claw is. If you find a collapsed tunnel keep wandering around, ...


i used the greybeards to grind sneak. for grinding other combat skills and offensive magic use shadowmere, the horse can die but it will be very hard to do so. just let it regen some health if it gets too low. as far as i know these two are the only viable friendly NPCs that players can grind on.


There is a questchain that is considered to be the "main" questline, revolving around defeating Alduin and saving Skyrim from the dragons. Completing it doesn't end the game but it does roll the credits (if I recall correctly). Skyrim is, however, a sandbox wgame with a massive world to explore and quests everywhere. If you did rush the main quest, you'd ...


Yes and no. If you are trying for the Oblivion Walker achievement you will need to collect the skull of corruption (or take advantage of a bug in another quest). If you just want one to play around while saving Erandur, you can just use a console command if you are on the PC to give yourself one: player.additem 35066 1


It depends on your definition... The idle stance animation you see when dual-wielding (the one where you raise one hand in the air) is actually named the blocking stance for dual-wield in the game assets, but the blocking stance mechanic itself is never implemented in the finished product. I found out about it when making PCEA 1.0 So if you're asking "does ...


Well... since your question boils down to "What would you do to try to solve this?" the answer would be: Backup your save data and keep them safe somewhere Start a new game with no mods active. This is the clean, vanilla save you'll use frequently, so back it up too Activate all the mods you use in the troublesome game, if one of them is the culprit the ...

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