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In Skyrim it is actually counter-productive to simply try to level up as fast as possible in order to get stronger. While this might make you stronger, it will definitely make your enemies stronger. Since Skyrim is so Sandboxy the power level of enemies you face is usually based off your level, so just level grinding without any particular objective will ...


You gain exp\level every time you level a skill up. The most popular and easiest skills to level are blacksmith and one-hand. To level one-hand you must dual-wield some one-hand weapons, type doesn't matter, but I recommend two axes as they have the best speed and damage balance, as well as weight. It will require you to fight, but there are plenty of quests ...


If you join The Dark Brotherhood and complete their missions you can't be in the Legion and toward the end of the Brotherhood's story line you can defeat General Tullius.

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