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Nope, there are no Bosmer wives (or husbands) out there. The Elder Scrolls Wiki has a handy page for determining who can be married. If you are on PC you could browse the Steam Workshop or Nexus Mods to try to find a marriageable Bosmer NPC. Additionally, if you are playing on PC, and are comfortable using console commands to alter the game, you could ...


No. Unfortunately not. The wiki has a full list of all the spouses (male and female) and none are wood elves.


Is Sabjorn inside Honningbrew Meadery? If yes, try speaking to him. If that still fails to advance the quest, try waiting for 3 in-game days and then go back to Honningbrew Meadery, and see if the NPCs have calmed down enough to allow advancing the quest. If it still does not resolve the quest and you're playing on the PC, try using console commands. Once ...


I found out that if you have absorbed a dragon soul and you have learned the shout from Bleak Falls Barrow (or other places) to get the Unrelenting voice go to the Magic Menu and it should be there. Equip it and hold down "RB" when your with the Grey Beards.


They will wish the floor. Child labour! "Go do your chores, (Name)." — You can ask your child to do chores; they will begin to sweep the floor unwillingly. I experienced back talking from some children, this just happens. In the case of back talk, they won't do anything. Knocking things is, as @Ben mentioned, a poor collision detection. Source: ...


Have you tried these commands in the console? prid 02002b74 (enter) moveto player (enter)

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