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Yes, that is possible. That's exactly how I (and many others) played Skyrim. If you bought Skyrim at launch, no DLC was available. Once you have purchased it, it will integrate naturally with your ongoing character.


It is not too late for you. You are allowed to be a member of all of the guilds in Skyrim (well, you can't be a vampire lord and also a member of the Dawnguard). You don't have to commit to just one. You can be a member of the Companions, the Dawnguard, Thieve's Guild, and Dark Brotherhood all at the same time. Joining the Dawnguard does not lock you out of ...


Anise's Cabin is not used in any quest lines that I, or this page are aware of. There's a letter to Anise, an Alchemy skill book, an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter in the basement, a bed and a garden. That's it. No quests reference it, everything in the house is considered stolen if you take it. Just an oddball little hut in the middle of nowhere.


There are two things that change on what you create the higher the level: How strong the potion is, and how much it's worth. Three ingredients make stronger and more worth potion as well. If I'm not mistaken, duration and level change with level too, making a buff potion last longer, and a debuff potion\poison able to be used on higher level mobs.


When you alchemy level increases then the potions you create will become stronger. The Elder Scrolls Wiki has this table describing the levelling.


Shop inventories are generated based on your level and refreshed every few days, so you could stand outside a shop and wait until you find such a potion (according to this page, blacksmithing potions are on your list by level 10 and the best one by 30). You can also use this page to see which ingredients include "fortify smithing" and procure those ...

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