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Every command issued can be completed. One pitfall that new players fall into is assuming that the commands are only for other players. It's entirely possible that a command may be for your own panel!


Well, I don't want to ruin the mystery completely but I can give you an idea. Unlike the Team Accomplishment stats, which are shared by the whole team, the medal you're awarded is often a reflection of your individual performance. The game tracks a bunch of statistics and tries to pick the single thing that you did particularly well, or particularly poorly. ...


According to this screenshot, it does not involve physically moving one's device in some way, but pressing a button. One of you must've had a translator malfunction.


You have to guess and employ a process of elimination when you're experiencing a "translator malfunction." Sometimes it's easy: if the instruction is on your screen but specifies a number or action that doesn't appear on any of your untranslated panels, you know it's not yours and it's up to the other team members to figure it out. If you're hearing the ...

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