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According to the Star Wars wikia, Knights of the Old Republic takes place in 3,956 BBY (Before the Battle for Yavin - aka the finale of Episode IV: A New Hope) which is 303 years before the BTC (Treaty of Coruscant). The Treaty of Coruscant heralds the start of the "Cold War Era", during which The Old Republic is set. So KOTOR takes place about 300 years ...


You can set a custom resolution by editing the ini files in the game installation folder. The specific file in question is swkotor2.ini, and the specific section of this ini file you're looking for is [Graphics Options]. If any of the following settings don't exist you can add them within this section to get the resolution you want; Width=1920 ...


The second game doesn't follow on directly from the first - most of the characters are different, with some familiar faces and places. So there's little sense in importing a save game, in that respect. According to this FAQ, there is no way to import a save game from the first game. edit as for your other question:


Finally had a chance to do this with a DS character with Restoration Mod: Jedi Masters sense that Exile has killed one of them, and then attack. Dialog Kreia will do afterwards is same as DS when all Jedi Masters are dead.


There is no way in game but there is a mod that does this. I have not tried it but it's probably worth a shot.


The complete in-universe explanation of how the plotlines fit together is given in the Revan tie-in novel. (Note that despite being the third published in the The Old Republic tie-in novel series, none of the books have anything to do with the others, and indeed Revan takes place chronologically first.) It ties together the emergence of Revan's Sith to not ...


If I remember correctly, Kotor 2 runs these movies at something rediculous like 640x480. ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest patch for the game. Try downloading and installing the High Quality movies pack, though do be wary it is a pretty big download. Try setting the following in your swkotor2.ini file: Disable Movies=0 Disable ...


While there is no clear, direct, 'Influence Meter', or anything so crude in the game, there is one reasonably reliable metric for measuring influence - Alignment. Companions with whom you have high influence will tend to mirror the alignment of the Exile - this is particularly easy to see with a dark side Exile; as your influence rises, the backdrop of the ...


Bao Dur is a pretty unorthodox character and requires a little thinking outside the box. First off, on the question of Armor: Forget force powers, give him the heaviest armor he can wear. Jedi Guardian's don't have a particularly wide variety of Force Powers available to them anyway, so you should easily be able to tailor a list to his limitations. Force ...


Well, I know you buy the legs from the Black Market Droid, though it will cost you quite a lot of credits. If you want to get some Dark Side points, talk to one of the huge droids will more than two legs, and you'll have the option of destroying it to get the legs.

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