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In Wings of Liberty, the mission order can be changed and it matters (unlike the two expansions). So you can delay Haven's Fall until you have no other choices. I haven't explicitly tried it, but I think you can do Haven's Fall any time before you start the Final missions (Gates of Hell, etc.). What you are probably seeing is that you chose that path ...


This problem has actually been acknowledged by Blizzard, but no fix has been released yet. They suggested some steps (such as making sure permissions on your save folder are set to full access), but I see that you're on a Mac so that doesn't really apply here. Unfortunately this problem came with the release of Legacy of the Void and for whatever reason is ...


The Zerg unit "Overseer" (upgraded from a regular overlord) has two abilities. One of them is called "Contaminate" and it infests a building, preventing it from operating for 30 seconds. During that time, the building can still be damaged and everything, but the player is unable to issue any commands to it, and any units or research queued up is paused (not ...


You shouldn't do it, as it is a bannable offence. It sucks, but that's blizzard policy as of now. I suggest switching regions, because the mmr different for every region. So your son can play on another region, for instance the one with the next best ping. I play on NA from EU from time to time and the delay is not that big of a problem. Good luck!


Sadly, no. I suspect blizzard put off achievements for archon mode for some reason, and therefore will probably release archon specific achievements in the future.

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