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It was due to the random factor of how they played in the group stages and then into the brackets. This was the format: Format Group Stage: Up to 128 players in 32 groups of 4 players each. Groups are played in dual-tournament format. Matches are best of three. Top 2 players of each group advance to the bracket stage. Bracket ...


Swarmlings make getting a very strong army, very easy. The rapid gestation to deployment rate, means that in most missions, you can field a very quick response to any threat. So if you're ever put on the defensive, they're gonna be outright the best unit available. Technically speaking, I've played the entire game primarily focusing on zerglings. Raptors ...


I GOT IT ! (sorry for reviving old thread, is short and useful) use autohotkey and write the folowing script Control & RButton:: Send a{LButton} Return


In SC2, players are assigned to certain leagues based on how well they do in matchmaking (competitive games). Bronze is the lowest league, containing about 9% of all players. The term 'bronze' is thus often used in a diminutive way to insult a player's skill. Source: http://www.sc2ranks.com/stats/league

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