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Stacraft II has a feature called spawning. Basically it means that if you party up with a player who has a higher license than you, you gain their license level. Whoever they invite to party, they are still playing their respective expansion level, and everyone else is boosted to party leader's (only while they are in a party!). So yes, not only can you ...


Assuming you're referring to the quote I think you are, the unit is saying: "The Firstborn shall persevere." This appears to be one of the quotes spoken when an Adept unit finishes training. In the video, they show the production queues in the top left, and what looks to be an Adept disappears from the top queue just as the line plays, showing that their ...


I played last night and I was placed in tier 3 Diamond with 4000 MMR. After 1 game I got 4100 and got into tier 2.


"RAX" is shorthand for "barracks", a Terran structure that produces infantry units. It's often used to describe build orders. So something like "3-Rax Reaper" is denoting an opener that involves getting three barracks quickly and producing Reaper units with them.


It is okay to buy Starcraft 2 keys from resellers (and often cheaper than from Blizzard directly). After they send you the key, you activate in on your Blizzard account and the account gains that game license - the same end result you get when you just purchase from Blizzard. As been said, yes, you only need Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void to play Swann, ...

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