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+1 Upgrades just do exactly what you would think they do. They increase the attack damage by a certain amount. For your marine it is one damage, so it then deals 7. The same goes for armor upgrades. A zergling with +1 armor will only take 6 damage when shot by a marine with +1 attack. Of course there might be other buff/debuff effects for example a Guardian ...


It seems like you cannot search for the profiles any more, but on the site You can search for the player name. There you see this ladder symbol: which leads to a stats page, which should give you an idea of the skills of that player


Clans can create and upload a custom image to appear before clan members’ town hall structures in-game. Decals must be square images with size less or equal than 256x256, both PNG or JPG are acceptable, GIF is not Put your decal into this folder: `\Documents\StarCraft II\ImageUploads\ Head over to your Clan or Group's Info tab and hit the "Edit Info" ...


To be honest if something like a mineral grab is going on your opponent wont know how to counter a zerg/zealot/marine all in since they have wasted about 3 min just moving there base to that position.


just depends on your APM(Actions Per Minute) and whether or not your going for simple units like ling bane are going for ling/roach overlords are useful for scouting and can easily be changed into overseers. supply blocking usually involves the other player's attack on your overlords. in short keep your overlord making till about 3 or 4 supply is left and ...

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