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For Terran I just wall in regardless of scouting. For any other race, you must scout early, but preferably just late enough to see the rush coming and respond. I main Terran and do some Zerg; if I Zerg rush and Protoss does not scout it it's GG. Protoss can wall in if they must, the cost of 1 Pylon you will have to destroy is less than the cost of a Ling ...


No. That is part of the very strategy that goes into multiplayer matches. It would break the foundations of the game if you could queue build orders without having the resources. One could simply queue up an entire list of building and units as well as movements and not even partake in actually managing their resources or using micro.


Unfortunately, no, there is no way to start unloading without a mouse click. The easiest way to unload a single unit is to click the unit's icon on Medivac'c cargo display. This way you at least won't need to cancel the unloading of remaining units.


There used to also be a scam where you can start building on their gas as zerg, causing all the drones to attack. Then you cancel before complete or death and repeat. This cripples their economy.

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