StreetPass is a Wi-Fi based feature of the Nintendo 3DS, 3DSXL and 2DS handheld consoles where if one system comes within wireless range of another, data will automatically be exchanged.

Many games and apps utilize this feature to provide the player with in-game bonuses and opponent challenges.

The flagship game utilising this feature that comes with every system is , which features 7 minigames. With the exception of Puzzle Swap, the games are known by different names in the US and the rest of the world:

  • Puzzle Swap - collect pieces and complete the pictures
  • Streetpass Quest / Find Mii - Go on a perilous quest to rescue your Mii!
  • Streetpass Quest II / Find Mii 2 - Rescue your Mii again! (Unlocked upon completion of the first)
  • Streetpass Squad / Mii Force - Take command of a space-faring Police Task force on the hunt for Space Pirates
  • Streetpass Garden / Flower Town - Grow beautiful flowers & create stunning gardens to place them in.
  • Streetpass Battle / Warriors Way - Gather your armies and achieve world domination in this medieval world.
  • Streetpass Mansion / Monster Manor - Collect pieces of the map to climb to the top of the haunted house, collecting items and battling ghouls along the way.
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