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There is a trick to the timing, that I only just discovered (after having played this game for years). When jumping towards the wall, you do not push away and jump at the same time (which would make sense). Instead, you have to push away from the wall, and then push jump, about 150-250 ms later. The trick is to watch for Samus's sprite to change from ...


If you're tired of using the grappling beam, it is also possible to get a speedboost charge from the ramp along the lower right, then shinespark directly up, bypassing the need for the grappling beam all together. Other than that, it all comes down to persistence, regardless of which way you try to get there.


The X-ray Visor, Spring Ball, Spazer and Plasma Beam are all not needed to beat the game if memory serves me. The Spring Ball is just really convenient in a few places, the X-Ray is not needed to solve any puzzle if you already know the route and the plasma beam can be skipped if you invest in enough missiles (and avoid the few enemies that are only ...


Maybe it'll help to look at it from this angle: "What is one of the most common pitfalls that causes you to screw up walljumping?" In my experience, once you accidentally hit up or down on the D-pad, you lose the ability to walljump. So be careful to ONLY push left and right. Once I adopted this habit, I found I rarely ever screw it up anymore.


Important caveat: I haven't done any Super Metroid speedrunning in several years. When I was actively speedrunning, I mostly focused on 100%, but I did learn the old (KPDR) Any% route (back when it was just the Any% route). From my experience, I would say that the Spore Spawn supers would be the way to go. This pack has several advantages over the others: ...


There are a few items that are totally optional: X-Ray visor, spring ball, spazer, and plasma beam. Even through a totally normal playthrough these can be skipped However, if you play the game in a different order than intended, and use some advanced techniques, it is possible to beat the game with far fewer items than that. These are the minimum items ...

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