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You accidentally stuck yourself with one of the syringes. Specifically, the green one. While in this state, stab yourself with the other syringe (the blue one) to stop the effect (good luck telling which one's blue in this state). The syringes have more of an effect than just drugging yourself though; if you stab the patient with the green syringe, the ...


Electrocuting yourself is simple! Just stick a scalpel (or anything small and metal, really) into this electrical outlet (within 10 seconds of starting if you want the achievement)! It will reverse your movement, making surgery incredibly difficult. Left becomes right, forward becomes backward, and the awkward controls become... awkwarder. It's worth ...


There are two incision spots for each intestine, although they are a bit tricky to determine: The small intestine needs to be cut twice on the top left, and the large intestine has to be cut once on the left side, and once on the bottom right. See this guide for more information.


The phone works and you can place calls - you just need to pick up the speaker first. However, the number won't work. It's just a little Easter egg for the release date of the game, formatted to look more like a real number. 01904002013 -> 19/4/2013


You stabbed yourself with one of the syringes, its located near the scalpels. There are achievements related to performing surgeries while drugged by the way.


This is the Gobbleshaft: I dont have Surgeon Sim 2013 but my cousin does and she showed me all the six Alien surgeries!


On the back of the diploma in your office you will see first 2 digits of 6 digit number marked and bunch of dots with some Korean letters. The dots represent the planets and the one marked is Saturn. The Korean translates to “the time is”. This should help you indicate that it refers to the time it takes Saturn to make full revolution around sun which is 29 ...


I've seen a let's play video of this: Basically, find a tool to remove the ribs and organs. (You seem to have done this already.) Next, open the fridge. There, you'll find 2 replacement hearts. Choose the bigger one, and throw place it in the chest cavity. Next, attach the Überizer to the replacement heart. Poke it ...


As of September 25, 2013 the "codename:Trisha" patch/update was released to Surgeon simulator,and it added the option to call Trisha. The scratched number on the sticky note saying Call Trisha is obviously her old number,that's why it is scratched.Read ZAD-Mans answer for more info on old number. Trishas new number is cut in two digit pieces and scattered ...


All it contains is some pre-rendered "gameplay" of what appears to be an RPG. You can't interact with it in any way other than to watch it repeat itself fairly quickly. I managed to get the disk in the drive, so I can actually show you exactly what it has on it!


This video will help you a lot. The procedure is 'simple': Brake the ribcage with hammer,take out the lungs, cut out old heart using scalpel, throw it outside the body cavity, take the new heart and just place it inside the 'hole' approximately where old one was. Done. How you remove all those stuff depends on your choice,...

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