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You can't start a roll roll while in the air, but you will go farther if you roll off a ledge. That's all there is to it. Note that Operatives/Scoundrels can roll twice for 24 meters total, whereas Snipers/Gunslingers can only roll once for 18 meters. There's also a trick called a "rollbang" where you do actually press jump as you trigger the roll in ...


As Frank noted in the comments, you can Shift + Right Click to gather yourself. However, you can also swap the controls (so that you gather on Right Click, and the companion uses Shift) via Preferences -> Controls -> General:


Here are the ones I've found so far (none on Sky Ridge Island yet): Horizon Island (-909, 149, -3) — out in open water just offshore (-828, -21, 18) — on a platform near a Nova Blade ship (-388, 85, -3) — tucked between rocks against some ship wreckage (-264, 35, -2) — between two islands (48, 244, -3) — in a narrow canyon ...

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