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When crafting, all materials in the Legacy storage are available to you. The are drawn in this order: Materials in your inventory Materials in your cargo hold Materials in your Legacy storage This allows you to maximize both accessibility of materials to your alts as well as reduce what you're carrying around.


No, from experience you only get Conquest points for each completed craft (regardless of whether it yields an extra item via crit). This source confirms.


While I was playing with my commando I noticed that the animation of the ability Full Auto was delayed. This was also with some other abilities. I looked at the dps numbers above the enemy npc and I noticed that I got all the damage of the abilities even though I couldn't see the animation.


Yes. I just tested this in my Stronghold with an opposite-faction player. We could both see each other's Phase Walk marker (both the DPS dot and the Tank circle), whether flagged/dueling or not.


Yes, they do. You simply lose out on any possible bonus multipliers until the invasion occurs.


You could use your firewall to block the launcher/BitRaider temporarily. Also, this is just a guess, but try exiting the game and editing launcher.settings in your install folder. Change this line: , "P2PEnabled": "true" to this: , "P2PEnabled": "false"


Yes, because Legacy XP is affected by the XP's source too, it's not just generalized as "experience." so if you have 25% more xp on quest rewards, the legacy system will calculate the buffed xp received.

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