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"Red" system text, like "inventory full", "already have unique item" or "item already being rolled for" cannot be ignored. You can remove the nomral yellow system text like "You recieve X credits", you can also disable the "social center". Its been a while since I palyed as preferred, but whenever you are near your cap, a small chunk of text floats into ...


This is totally late, but I was browsing unanswered questions. PVP does not have a "rotation", PVP just has specific "priorities" and "situations". Here's a brief rundown on Concealment: 1) Don't do anything to your target without corrossive dart. CD is not a good opener )in fact it is terrible) but it is vital to your burst. It allows your laceration to ...


No, Yavin does not have chests. They decided that flooding it with gathering nodes was enough.

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