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Don't know if this will further the answer of TZHX or not but I found the historical stuff posted (by the devs) at this link Galactic-History -- SWTOR Holonet helps. Companion books are great as well if you're an avid reader as I am. General consenus from communities I've participated in has placed it to between 3500 and 4000 BBY


I honestly found getting to start with the basic strike fighter and it's default loadout helped me when I first started.... I can also say use your ship requisition and upgrade components it helps A LOT


It is quite a long answer, so I'll refer you to a guide. It is from Dulfy, and is very trustworthy. If I remember correctly, I used this guide too when I wanted the companion. Good luck! This is a very quick list of what you have to do: Complete mission: Fatal Errors (Empire) | The Fatality (Republic)– Heroic 2+ (starts in Section X) Complete ...

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