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Some of the gear that dropped during the Shadow of Revan story (including solo Forged Alliances) had Armorings that were not bound to slot. Logging in or out would not affect this. All level 55 & 60 gear bought from Commendation vendors, as well as drops fron instances, will have Armorings/Barrels/Hilts/etc. that are bound to slot. Nothing can get ...


The second, more complicated system in LessPop_MoreFizz's answer has changed with the Shadow of Revan expansion (Patch 3.0). It still holds true for "old" schematics (skill levels 1-450), but there is a new and slightly simpler system for schematics over 450. It reduces the number of Purple/Artifact items from 14 to 9, eliminating 5 items that added both ...


As Frank noted in the comments, you can Shift + Right Click to gather yourself. However, you can also swap the controls (so that you gather on Right Click, and the companion uses Shift) via Preferences -> Controls -> General:


Here are the ones I've found so far (none on Sky Ridge Island yet): Horizon Island (-909, 149, -3) — out in open water just offshore (-828, -21, 18) — on a platform near a Nova Blade ship (-388, 85, -3) — tucked between rocks against some ship wreckage (-264, 35, -2) — between two islands (48, 244, -3) — in a narrow canyon ...


While the answer from @LessPop_MoreFizz was correct now with 3.0 and also back in 2.0 to get advanced or expert crewskill missions you have to go back to your crew skill trainer to buy the increased crew skill level. Advanced crew skill - 10.000 credits - level increase to 450 Expert crew skill - 50.000 credits - level increase to 500

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