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Yes. Your account can actually be closed because of this. Here is a section of the rules of conduct that clearly says that: You may not use names of copyrighted or trademarked characters, materials or products, e.g. Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper. Other things that you cannot name characters are names like GeorgeLucas, LukeSkywalker and WinstonChurchill.


They are next to the appropriate Class Trainers on the capital worlds (below the Senate Plaza on Coruscant, and on the upper level of Kaas City on Dromund Kaas).


This video shows the entire stronghold as it is being unlocked. From this video it shows that the following rooms are needed to reach the open jungle area in the back of the stronghold. Initial unlock 2.5 mil Upper Stairwell 450k Temple Balcony 1.2 mil Temple grounds 2.6 mil Total 6 750 000 credits (6.75 mil) or 5900 CC


No, unfortunately not. The only way to remove the animation is for the effect itself to be removed (the recipient clicking off the buff/dying, or the tank turning off the guard/guarding someone else/dying).


There are two types of referrals: You, as a subscriber, refer a past or present subscriber who has never been referred before. (The page says they can't have been referred within the past 90 days, but unfortunately it doesn't work if they've ever been referred period.) You, as a subscriber, refer someone who creates an entirely new F2P account with your ...


He is not a romanceable companion. As such, nothing you say to him ever locks you out of future conversations or side stories/quests. For companions with a romance option, you can be locked out of the romance if you turn down any [Flirt] option that doesn't grant Dark Side points or others that are further along in the arc. To be safe, always choose all ...


No, you must have the actual item and drag the item to the outfit slot to equip it and obtain the look. Once an item is equipped, you can discard the original but if you equip a new piece in that slot you will have lost the previous.


The Wampa will spawn at the same level you are, though higher-level players in the area could spawn others that might attack you. You wouldn't want to go earlier than level 35 since the other level 40+ NPCs in the area could kill you easily. The level 55s on Hoth were added with Patch 2.0 as part of the Seeker Droid/Macrobinoculars questlines, and you ...


May 4th, subscribers got a 12x exp boost on class missions. As of July 17th, subscribers are still getting this boost. Apparently the only way to stop the boost is to buy an item from a vendor on the fleet. All true (though the item is free). It continues until early access for the the next expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, on October 20th. ...


Solo Mode is designed for a single person. You are given an droid that will tank and heal, leaving it up to you to deal most of the damage (though it can finish some fights on its own). Story Mode is the basic group mode for a Flashpoint and typically requires a tank, a healer, and two DPS. Many Story Modes are low-level, with Hard Modes taking the same ...


As mentionned by MatthewRead in a comment: they had downtime to fix this today All servers will be temporarily unavailable starting at 5AM PDT/12 GMT in order to attempt to address an intermittent login issue. It was on their side, and as Timelord64 mentionned: if a problem effects characters over level 15, but you are still able to play ...


I'm level 18 Jedi Knight. I completed my quests on Coruscant, but after that they sent me to Ord Mantell for finding Darth Angral's location and all that.

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