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You cannot tank in DPS spec, the concept is absurd. Without tanking abilities and buffs, tanking gear would be mostly useless and gimp your DPS, ensuring you could not maintain threat. DPS gear won't offer you any protection and it is likely that you would still not maintain threat over other DPS who are more familiar with the role and their Disciplines. ...


Lvl 8 shields from lvl 8 equipment vendor Remove the armoring , then vendor the shield and the armoring 4,4k per 6 CDC


Some mods can be learned from the crystal-bought gear. A friend of mine was able to learn the 220 Versatile hilt from an offhand on his Artificer. Otherwise you are correct about augments, and yes it's Ops gear that you want in order to learn the end-game mods. I am not sure about HM FP gear though, maybe someone else can chime in.

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