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Genuine quality items are obtained only as promotional items from purchasing other Steam games. Most likely you purchased a few games during that time and didn't realize there was a promotional item involved.


The truth of the matter is that there's only one real way to counter this situation - avoid it entirley. At medium-range, you can try to huntsman a pyro, you can try to get a shot off or jarate/bushwhacka him, you can even try your SMG if you're desperate, but the only surefire way to avoid getting cornered by a Pyro like this is to plan ahead, and keep ...


A few months ago, Valve lowered the drop rate on crates. Stockpile crates are a special kind of crate that allows you to input a code to determine which 4 standard items can possibly drop from it. The Director's Cut Reel is the same, but takes a normal key. However, lately the only crates that seem to be dropping are the limited time only Limited Late ...


Nope. There unfortunately, is no way to do so.


I bought my Backpack expander yesterday for $0.99 its a big help i don't need to delete or craft every time my backpack is full and it gives me a free Mann. Co. Cap... If you don't have credit card visa or Paypal like me you can buy steam card or steam gift card redeem it and its very easy.. and your up to buy your Backpack expander..

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