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If the background is red, it means that the weapon killed the player with a crit. So in your first screenshot, it could be read as: soccer sam88 Phlogistinator (crit) killed Table whereas the second screenshot would read as: didn't notice you Ubersaw killed Neil Armstrong


Iron and Silver are two of the divisions used in US competitive play. The full list, from best to worst goes: Platinum Gold (Only in Highlander) Silver Steel Iron Teams in competitive leagues will play teams from the same division. This means teams will mostly play teams of a similar skill level. Different leagues have different rules for what division a ...


From my experience in the Engineer Class I always like to first(even without gunslinger): Choose your inventory right before round start. I dont use gunslinger a lot so I always use the jag as an offensive engineer, because you build faster that other wrenches. Choose a good prime weapon and always be around a pyro (for obvious reasons) Check if there's a ...


When you add your second account to friend list, you can go to its profile... and send offers. Then accept em from main account. You don't need both accounts working at same time.


If you uninstall all the Source engine games and then reinstall Half-Life 2, you'll get the option to choose a library on another drive. Installing Source engine games after that will use the same library as Half-Life 2.

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