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According to this steam community thread, its possible to fix this bug by pressing the "inspect" key (by deafults, its the F key), closing the box that appears and walking up to the upgrades bench again.


No, it doesn't. Ubered players are not affected by status effects. Note that this only works with the stock Ubercharge. In fact, flashing someone with a stock Medigun's Ubercharge will clear all status effects currently on them. Just be aware that the amount of time on the Uber goes down every time you change targets, to a minimum of 2.666 seconds (from ...


Shortly after firing a flare from the Detonator, the Pyro can detonate the flare with the alternate-fire keybind. This creates a small explosion that does damage and lights all enemies hit on fire. The Pyro can also use the detonation to air-jump. From experience, I'd say it gives about as much distance as a single Force-a'-Nature shot. The damage stat for ...


Have a enemy pyro bot following you together with a friendly medic.


I ran some tests in MvM by giving myself resistance upgrades as a Pyro and letting flares hit me. No resistance: took 30 damage 75% fire resistance: took 7 damage (0.25x) 75% bullet resistance: took 7 damage (0.25x) Both: took 2 damage (resisted twice, [0.25*0.25]x) Extra damage from crit: 60 (regardless of resistance) So, it appears that if a single hit ...


In the Account menu, you have the “Backup and Restore Games…” option; use this to copy TF2 to a thumb drive or equivalent, and at home, restore TF2 to your computer from the drive using the same feature.


Do: mp_timelimit "" It disables the time.


First, reference this old but useful set of strategies for dealing with any sentry nest. Some of the advice won't be applicable due to how difficult it is to reach, but it should help guide you in the correct path. Ideally, you will be working together as a team to take down the sentry nest - which means spies taking the engie's teleporter to ...


Having played over 1000 hours of TF2 since its release, allow me to reveal The Secret. Teleporters will Not Work if there is more than one person standing on it at a time, ever. As long as your shoving battle is going on, the teleporter is not going to teleport anyone, end of story. The reason you see people managing to use it despite this is because ...


I have been unable to fully test any of this (outside of an acutal round), and I am only going off of my own 6000+ hours into the game. As Zovits said, I tend to see it as based on how close the player is to the center of the teleporter. When I crouch and walk towards the center, I tend to be teleported sooner, and always before the people who I shove off ...


According to my brother who is almost at the magical 10.000 hours required for mastery in TF2, the distance between the center of the teleporter and the center of the character play an important role. This means if one is crouching, he will have better chances. He also noted that taunting might help too. Disclaimer: These are not my observations and may ...


The key to taking these down is teamwork (although admittedly there is little of that on TF2 nowadays). The best way to do it by far is a combination of spy, soldier and demoman. Step 1: The spy disguises and enters the teleporter. Step 2: The spy saps the engineer's stuff. Step 3: (This should happen as soon as the spy exits the teleporter). The soldier ...


The solution I now have deployed is having the server start to an unused map (cp_cloak) and have the map config file (cp_cloak.cfg) do a changelevel to the server's primary map. This satisfies the Map change required complaint.


actually, the idle trick has been updated, means that idling is 50% broken from it but what about the other 50% percent?well...well...actually if you mostly dont play much (lets say about 1 week), it will guaranteed you increase chance of item drops such as idling or waiting.the downside of is,it is actually the more you play, lesser chance of getting item ...

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