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You started the game the way you're supposed to. It is supposed to load up the full thing in the screen you are in. The reason it doesn't work is on Steam/Valve's end. There currently still are a lot of connection and performance issues because of the high amount of traffic Steam has to deal with during the summer sale. The game occasionally works but ...


Run dxdiag.exe from the start menu Click on the "Display" tab (or one of the display tabs when you have multiple monitors) You can see the type of video card you have and its total video memory.


Press the Windows key, type Control Panel, and then press Enter. Under the Appearance and Personalization, click Adjust screen resolution. On the middle of the right-hand side of the screen, click the Advanced settings. A new window should appear with your video adapter's properties; similar to the image shown below. Your video card's memory is under the ...


With the newest NVIDIA drivers 353.06 WHQL, I can finally run 'The Witcher 3' without crashes every 5 minutes! I'm not sure, if switching off V-Sync and playing in full screen (native monitor resolution) mode was necessary too.


Assuming you are runnning Windows, just type %appdata% in your start menu, or your search bar in Windows 8. There, delete the .minecraft folder.


The things I thought about: For port forwarding: Have you checked if you entered the right IP for your computer? My computer had a different IP after switching from W-LAN to Ethernet It could also be that in addition to your software firewalls somehow the windows included firewall is maing problems. Maybe check this too if it allows for Terraria. A work ...


I'd save your screenshots, saves, options, mods, servers.dat and any other important files and wipe your .minecraft folder and run Minecraft again.


A lot of these are going to be super simple, but may as well try 'em. They're in the order I reccomend doing them in. Note that you can do many at the same time.: Are you installing from the same file each time? If so, download a new installer. Restart your PC Run installer as Admin Enable / Disable P2P: In your client, click the gear icon in the ...


The Mobel Intel 4 Series Chipset is a low end video card and it was already 3-4 years back. You can see it in a bechmark. On the link the video card got 45-50 points while a nvidia 660 TI e.g. has 4,692 points (just as comparison). I don't know if you use Windows 7 or 8 (8.1) but it seems like the Mobil Intel 4 Series dont support OpenGL V.1.2 or higer. ...


There are some reports that changing the framerate limit can help with certain types of crashed in this game. The most common solution I've heard about is to set the fps limit to unlimited, and either play that way or use an external program to limit the framerate. There are some issues here, both with the game and with the newest Nvidia driver, which also ...


Diablo 3 on console unfortunately saves games to the hard drive. While Playstation 4 can automatically back up saves to the cloud, this will only happen if you have selected "automatic backup" previously. Your best bet to check would be to log in on a friends console, and simply see if you can retrieve anything. If you have at all played previously on ...

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