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Simple, they're the official guides, they're officially supported by the game developers and can get inside information that way. A company (the Fallout 4 guide was made by Prima Games) is hired or asks to make the guide, and is then given a lot of information to do so. 448 pages with screenshots, listings of data, etc is not that hard to pull off.


TL;DR Go to far away place, sleep for 30 days straight. There are two general camps to fixing these errors. One is by natural in-game methods (not using console), and the second is obviously using the console (PC-only). If you have tons of mods loaded always try to disable the mods and perform the in-game reset and see if that resolves the issue. ...


First of all make sure you have connected to the Internet Close all running apps Check if there is an update needed Restart the iPad, hard reset (Hold the power & home button till the iPad restarts) Delete the app but keep your data within game centre (WHATEVER YOU DO DONT DELETE IT IF YOU ARENT CONNECTED TO GAME CENTRE) Then re-download it


Installing the x86 version of Java fixed my problem. Robotnik's comment was rather close to the problem. The x64 version of Java does not play well with Intel Graphics drivers, it seems.


You may be able to use Block Launcher as a workaround. It's an Android App that allows you to enter text, which is inserted to the game. According to this answer, the text mode is used as a workaround for devices that don't allow you to enter text at all into Minecraft Pocket Edition - it should also work for your purposes.


Use forge to allow mods to be installed, then install performance mods like optifine which will optimise performance. I'm 90% sure you can join an unmodded server if you just have client mods, like hats or tails.


Try looking at mods which utilize fake patches (pair of numbered cat/dat files in main directory). I had an issue where after extended gameplay game would freeze completely, and then skyrocket from whichever memory mark it is on to 4Gb, then crash. After I've gone through all my mods, I found out that the issue is with the mods which require fake patch to be ...

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