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I haven't completed it yet but one thing that has helped me get further is to run into the sides which will allow you down temporarily, just don't do it again until the beast is gone.


There are a maximum of 20 hidden achievements.You need to keep playing the game. Get started to complete the secret achievements by Jumping for no reason. Doing something unique. Going to long distances etc. The points of the achievements are listed below :- 4 Achievements - 5 Points 4 Achievements - 6 Points 4 Achievements - 14 Points 1 Achievement - 15 ...


The key is to always jump around the corners. By doing so you can avoid the hidden coins when you turn. This was a hard challenge but once I started jumping it only took a couple attemps to complete it.


Traveling Tiki is one of the mask artifacts and does turn up from time to time. Starting with the Dec 2014 update, some effort was made to make the artifacts that you don't already have more likely to appear. Note that you can only get one artifact per run, so once you've grabbed a chest you may as well die, see what it is, and start again if the main thing ...

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