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Game genere is something that tells the consumer what the game is and what kind of mechanics it might include. Therefore indie isn't game genre because it tells consumer nothing about the actual product. Look at tripwire, they produce AAA grade games and they are under indie "genre".


"RAX" is shorthand for "barracks", a Terran structure that produces infantry units. It's often used to describe build orders. So something like "3-Rax Reaper" is denoting an opener that involves getting three barracks quickly and producing Reaper units with them.


My thought is Future Ordinance Weapon? Or something else Ordinance Weapon.


I usually call that a "killfeed" as well, but have also heard it referred to as the "log". This makes sense, as it documents what's been happening in the game.


CP is an acronym for Combat Power. It is essentially an aggregate statistic for levels, attack, defense, and the special versions of both of those stats. It is, for all intents and purposes, randomly assigned to every Pokémon caught by players. The higher the CP of a Pokémon, the stronger the Pokémon is and the more damage it can do per attack. Two of the ...


Different users will have a term they use, and some may be more popular than others, or more specific to a certain situation. Blizzard, themselves, refrain from using a specific term for the behavior, when talking about it in a blog concerning graphical improvements in the upcoming expansion, Legion. Instead, they simply explain why it happens. I will offer ...


It means for how long of the game you've had a teleporter active or an armor pack on at least one teammate.


An ADC is a term used to describe a ranged god that deals most damage from auto attacks. All hunters can be played as an ADC as well as some mages like Sol and Freya.


"Times evaluated by judge" refers to how many times you've had a Pokemon's stats evaluated by the stats judge in Kiloude City (Battle Resort for OR/AS). It is a relatively meaningless statistic, though it could be an indicator of how much effort each trainer put into their teams - breeding and checking for perfect IVs.

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