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I have to disagree with Vivek. Tread switching is extremely useful, but it depends on the hero you are playing. Specifically it is the most useful for Strength heroes with terrible mana pools, like Wraith King, Dragon Knight, etc, but it can be useful for any hero with mana issues. You can use it on Phantom Lancer, for instance, to get that one extra Spirit ...


To my knowledge, the word "Proc" is short for the word "Process". As in you hit, and the effect is processed upon hitting, and that applies its special effect.


I'll answer in reverse: How worthwhile are the effects of Tread Switching? Miniscule, it's a micro-optimization and not needed unless you have spare APM. Better to focus on strategy, map sense and team communication. If you do wish to do it, it's more useful early game rather than late (percent of your total stat pool shifting) What exactly is Tread ...


As you've thought, and even outside of games, POI can refer to Place, Point, or Person Of Interest. Ref: Wikipedia In this context and based on the release notes, I would agree with Fan├žois in saying that "place of interest" is correct. Considering the second bullet point specifically: Fixed random gen wilderness POI placement This would mean ...

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