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I would normally go with 'powerup', as (in my mind), 'buff' or 'debuff' usually refers to a status effect of some sort that doesn't necessarily involve picking anything up. 'Pickup' might also be an effect-neutral term that fits what you're looking for.


These items are usually known as power-ups or buffs, depending on the situation. In many arcade and older style games they are known as power-ups and are usually picked up during play, but in other game spaces(MMOs and the like) they are known as buffs, and are used with item or ability. Negatives effects are pretty much the opposite naming. Power-downs ...


League of Legends is a competitive game with a more or less fixed Metagame. This means there are some "Rules" that apply for example the roles in every game (1 Top, 1 Mid, 1 Jungle, 2 Bot). Because of this Metagame things like a tier list can exist. What is a tier list? There are actually multiple tier lists. The most popular ones being the ones for ...


The difference is like Double Dragon vs Street Fighter. Double Dragon is a game where one character per player cruises about beating up all the bad guys, typically in 1 vs many fights. Street Fighter is a game where one characters fights another character in a 1 on 1 setting.


Nowadays it is called Save Scumming, according to the trope wiki. This term comes from the Roguelike community, and different people may use different terms for that.


I believe you are referring to save scumming. I still do it on a fairly regular basis for the simple reason I don't have the time to redo large parts of a game!


Vanilla means the base game, without mods or add-ons, as everyone said. The term also has use in Magic the Gathering (a popular TGC) for a creature that has no rules text, just a power and toughness. As you can see it is used to explain a plain or unchanged thing, it is probably derived from the ice-cream flavour vanilla, which is similarly plain. Source: ...


When applied to technology, the word vanilla means “ordinary, default, unmodified”. When specifically applied to gaming, it means the default game, without any add-ons. Shaeldon speculated that this meaning might derive from vanilla ice-cream being the first and still the most frequent flavour. No. 7892142 hinted at a sexual meaning. They’re both right: ...


Computer software [...] is called Vanilla when not customized from its original form, meaning that it is used without any customizations or updates applied to it. - Wikipedia Hence, not especially in WoW, it means only the base software without any expansions/add-ons. As for the origin of the term..I don't really want to get into that, just look up ...


Vanilla: adjective - informal adjective: vanilla; adjective: plain vanilla having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard. "choosing plain vanilla technology wherever you can will save you money" (definition compliments of google). When applied to games/software, it refers to the game without modifications (custom mods or ...


Vanilla usually means the base game, without any modifications or in WoW's case DLC's/Expansion packs.


Tagging (also known as tapping, both implying touching) in WvW is the same as it is in PvE: Doing enough damage to an enemy that you will get rewards after the enemy dies. The purpose of tagging as many things as possible is to maximize the amount of experience, WXP, karma, and loot that you get with the zerg. Some classes are better at this than others, but ...


In this case, "tagging" refers to the act of attacking as many targets as you can, thus acquiring credit for the kills, even if someone else kills the mobs (in a short time span from you attacking it). That, in turn, results in XP and loot for you. Think "Hey, I participated in this kill, I deserve something". How to do this? One option is either spamming ...


:3 denotes a cat's face smiley.


:3 is a common internet "smiley" for a cat-face. Not sure if urbandictionary links are cool around here, so here's a big warning/disclaimer: the linked page shouldn't have anything bad on it, but it is a link to urbandictionary, so clicker beware!


jw013 is correct. An elite card is one that you can only have one copy of in a deck. As the game currently stands, all elite cards are legendary rarity, and all legendary rarity cards are elite, however in a future update it is possible they may add an elite card that is non-legendary, or a legendary card that can have two copies and is thus not elite, ...

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