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These games are referred to as Programming Games or Programming Based Game. Some of these games include Robocode and Robowar. If you are into programming, you should check out StackOverflow, another QnA on StackExchange.


Smurfing is when a high level player makes a new account so they can fight less skilled players and get an advantage. This works because they have a better understanding of tactics and game mechanics.


This is an Idle game. Idle games can be left on in order to progress automatically in the games, whether it is collecting coins, cookies or candies. Popular idle games include Candy Box, Candy Box 2 and Cookie Clicker. It may also be classified as an RPG or Adventure game.


It is a shortened form of aggressive. It describes monsters that will recklessly attack with no regards to their own defence. This term is in Magic the Gathering, a popular TCG, it is a type of deck with cheap, fast creatures that have high attack but low defence to try kill the opponent as quickly as possible. Aggro creatures are mainly in red. Mono-Red ...


It goes back to the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", released in 1988. Check the IMDB listing first sentence: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096438/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1


A bit late, but we used to use it back in the pre retail phase for Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror, back in 1998/99. I'm not sure where it came from before that though.


All the abbreviations follow simple rules taking into account the Rarity, Level and Name of an item or thing it represents. Resonators, Bursters and Cubes R - Resonator XMP, X - Burster C - Power Cube Usage: 100XMP6 - 100 level 6 Bursters Mods 3 Types of Rarity C - Common R - Rare VR - Very Rare Mod types S - Shield HS - Heat Sink MH - Multi-Hack ...


"Aggro" is a shorted form of aggravate, meaning to annoy someone or something so it will attack you.


Technically the two terms "Permaban" and "Pick or Ban" are different. If we look at the literal meanings of those two terms, "Permabanned" Champion is a champion that Is never played because he's banned in 100% of games (In almost 5 years of League I've never seen such a thing except for Tournaments) while a "Pick or Ban" Champion Is either picked or ...


I'd guess that Anarchy means there are no rules - feel free to destroy people's creations, loot their stuff, and kill at will. Obviously PvP means it's a PvP server and don't go there unless you are ok dying a ton and killing other players. I've not seen Dedicated, but Vanilla just means that it's the core game with nothing special added. No addons, ...

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